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The Metro K Line Opened last Friday, October 7, and Fits Perfectly with the Comeback of the 38th Annual Kingdom Day Parade

Los Angeles, CA —  The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)’s K Line opened last Friday, October 7.

The Kingdom Day Parade will be held on Monday, January 16, 2023.  Now, the K Line, affectionately known as the “K Train,” named after Martin Luther King, Jr, will have two stops in the Crenshaw area, one underneath the Baldwin Hills Mall and the other on Crenshaw and Vernon.

The celebration of the new K Line included Metro officials, and other VIPs who cut the ribbon on the K Line at the Leimert Park Plaza station. K Line rail system will serve South LA, Crenshaw, and Westchester.

The Kingdom Day Parade passionately honors the life and legacy of Dr. Martin King and has grown from humble beginnings into the largest and longest-running Annual King Birthday Celebration in the nation!  The theme for the para-e is “America the Last Best Hope of the World.”

Dr. Adrian Dove, Chairman of CORE-CA, owners/organizers of the Kingdom Day Parade, states, “The Metro K Train will be the quickest way to get to the Kingdom Day Parade and the first time in history that this major parade will be accessible to the public without having to drive all over Southern California.”  CORE-CA is in membership with the Leimert Park Village Merchants Association, which recently brought back the Leimert Park Village’s Degnan Blvd.

Dr. Adrian Dove

Metro has always been a major participant in the Kingdom Day Parade, the largest and longest-running Annual Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration in the nation.  Local TV station KABC7, an ABC Network affiliate, will broadcast the entire 2-hour Parade from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Residents can take the K Line to entertainment venues, sporting events, dining. and shopping.  The K Line provides better access to jobs and community amenities for this region of the county and delivers this incredible piece of infrastructure to the community.

The 8.5-mile rail line, also known as the Crenshaw/LAX subway/light-rail line will open with service at the following featured two stations: Martin Luther King Jr. and Leimert Park. For more information visit: https://kline.metro.net

The three 3-Mile parade route begins at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd & Western Avenue, proceeds west to Crenshaw, and then South thereupon to Vernon Ave, with a post-Parade festival at the Leimert Park ending of the Parade.

The 37th Annual Kingdom Day Parade will be held on Monday, January 16, 2023 @ 10 AM in Los Angeles, CA, and is looking for parade entries, volunteers, spectators, and its Royal Court Scholarship participants.

About the Kingdom Day Parade

The Kingdom Day Parade is way more than just another parade. The unique purpose of this Parade is celebrated each year on the only Holiday whose sole purpose is to embrace all segments or identities in our democracy and the world.  It is dedicated to the conscious aggressive non-violent pursuit of Dr. King’s noble goals.

In America’s this somewhat divided year, the mission of bringing people back together is needed now more than ever.  Our Work Is Not Yet Done!  More than just a one-day event, the Kingdom Day Parade and its Organizing Sponsor, CORE-CA, have a year-round focus of bringing everybody back together in harmony in the spirit of Dr. King.  It was conceived more than 38 years ago by the late Larry Grant and businessman Celes King III as a small neighborhood tribute to the life, work, dream, and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It was launched in San Diego and after five years it moved to South Central Los Angeles at about the same time as another local hero and international hero, legendary Stevie Wonder, was culminating a successful nationwide effort that resulted in Dr. King’s birthday becoming a National Holiday, on the third Monday in January every year.  It was the untimely death of the original founder Larry Grant ten years ago, that Dr. Adrian Dove, who had been (and still is) Chairman of the Parade’s Organizing Sponsor (CORE-CA), stepped forward and has continued management of the Parade with the help of a strong team of volunteers and professional staff.  The Parade has continued to grow, evolving into the major iconic event it has become today while remaining on the same inner-city streets in the same spirit that it began with.  With an emphasis on community, welcoming everybody as equals.

To become a participant, volunteer, sponsor or for more information, visit our website at: www.kingdomdayparade.org

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