Liz Baxter, The First Openly Lesbian Contestant on Andy Cohen’s “Love Connection”, Launches YouTube Channel and Confesses it all in First Video of “Between Two Femmes” Co-hosted with Alison Freed
Liz Baxter made history being the first openly lesbian contestant on the iconic game show LOVE CONNECTION airing on Fox.
The highly anticipated episode, which aired July 27, 2017, marked the first Gay/Lesbian episode of the show in its history of over 1k episodes.
Baxter took the hot seat and discussed dates she had with three other women: Alison, April and Kathleen.
The episode broke grounds on so many levels, but particularly by featuring a poignant moment in which one of Liz’s dates comes out to her family on national television; not to mention, the onscreen kiss at the end with her final “Love Connection” pick, Alison Freed.
A timely episode to say the least in light of Trump’s very recent attack on the community with his US Military Ban on transgender people.
Liz understands the need to accurately portray the LGBTQ experience. The trailblazing Indianapolis native wants to change mentalities when it comes to visibility. She’s already travailing to move the needle and pave the way for others with her ongoing commitment to amplifying and celebrating queer women’s voices as a LGBTQ blogger and a Vlogger through her YouTube channel, which she is now launching.
As we know, the show ended on a positive note with Liz and Alison becoming a couple.
Fast forward to today …. are our lovebirds still together? Is the Love Connection still going strong?
Find out in this video as Liz and Alison team up in this first episode of  “Between Two Femmes” to dish on the first ever LGBT episode of Love Connection with Andy Cohen and reveal their relationship status:
Liz Baxter’s YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhGWoIDs8p-6obimTb0qYw
Also home of the recurring "Between Two Femmes" with Liz Baxter and Alison Freed.