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The Jonathan Foundation 2018 Fundraiser Illuminates the Power of Advocacy – Honorees Holly Robinson-Peete and Rodney Peete Join In

Young Actors at The Jonathan Foundation Fundraiser

By: Sharoll Jackson

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/5/2018 – It isn’t often that an event moves mountains, but the 2018 Spring Fundraiser for The Jonathan Foundation did just that on Saturday evening at The Center of Cathedral Plaza in Los Angeles.  The meaningful event gave voice to the foundation’s mission as guests shared their real life stories of battles won for hundreds of children with disabilities.  The growing collaborative and dedicated work of Raja Marhaba, Founder and President of The Jonathan Foundation, is making a difference by providing assessment scholarships and advocacy.


M.C. Thomas Leffler partnered with Jonathan Marhaba and Omar Marhaba, guiding the festivities with infectious enthusiasm, warm-hearted humor, and gratitude.  One of the many highlights of the gathering included an emotionally charged testimonial from Assessment Scholarship Recipients, The Watson Family.  The recounting of their drawn-out and difficult journey without the support they needed offered a close-up look at the daunting challenges that children and their family members often face when searching for resources and services.  But, the turn in the road finally happened for them when they connected with The Jonathan Foundation — with personalized, swift and effective expertise beyond their expectations.  Options, support, and hope replaced a list of a dozen things that they had been told their child would never do.  The change in their lives has been nothing short of amazing.

Holly Robinson Peete poses with fan at The Jonathan Foundation’s 5th Annual Spring Fundraiser at Cathedral

Honorees Holly Robinson-Peete and Rodney Peete felt humbled and joyful to share the evening with all of the “warriors” who advocate for children with disabilities.  They are well known for their philanthropic efforts and readily lend their voice and advocacy through the HollyRod Foundation.


Celebrities, Influencers, Youth Ambassadors, Youth Advocates, and Sponsors in attendance included Alyssa DeBoisblanc (Modern Family), Jacob Hopkins (Cartoon Network – The Amazing World of Gumball), Drew Gordon, Ainsley Ross, Jordyn Curet (ABC – Child Support), Merit Leighton (Disney – Sofia The First), Michael Gregory (General Hospital), Marlowe Peyton (ABC – Fresh Off The Boat), Hayley Gripp (CSI: Las Vegas and Lifetime – Killer Kids), Hunter Payton (NBC – A-Z), Kiana Lyz Rivera (TNT – Major Crimes), Sarah Kay Jolly (Emma Rae/Preacher), Conner Finnerty (I Believe in You: Michael Buble), Christian Isiah (Showtime – Shameless), Michael Campion (Netflix – Fuller House), Ron Brown (NFL Retired Players Association, Felix “The Nighthawk” Giles (Former NASCAR driver), Dave Shelton (Film and Television Writer/Director), John “Sly” Wilson (Producer/Artist/Songwriter, Kathleen Bradley (The Price Is Right), Sarah Culberson, Thomas Leffler (IMatrix Software), Dr. Lois Lee (Founder Children of the Night), Carrie Bernans (Black Panther, Luke Cage), The Jonathan Foundation Board Members, and more.  Many new and meaningful connections were made which is one of the most important things that can happen as a service to any community and to the world.