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The Jetset Diaries and Lizzy Jagger Host Reserved Magazine Cover Launch

The Jetset Diaries and Lizzy Jagger Host Reserved Magazine Cover Launch

By Audrey Rock

Hollywood, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/29/2017 – Blind Dragon on Sunset is a brutally exclusive venue.   So Reserved Magazine’s Issue No. 4 Launch by Jules Wood and Whitney Mercurio was, naturally, “invite only.” It was a highly nocturnal event, starting at 8 PM and going until “late;”  And it was jam-packed full of models, feminists, and Hollywood hipsters.  

Reserved Magazine (THT)

Reserved Issue No. 4 stands out.  Featuring the stunning Helena Christensen, supermodel of the 90’s, (who still commands our attention,) in a classy, sultry, “I dare you” camera gaze, the heavy-gloss publication is full of stylized fashion art.  But it’s the reason behind the publication, and the launch, that has publisher Jules Wood excited.  She’s a devoted feminist; and after an interview with People Magazine, Wood stepped outside the hip chaos of Blind Dragon with THT to explain what Reserved is all about. 

Wood had originally launched Issue No 4 in New York, and is now launching in Los Angeles, she says.  “I’m really heavily involved with women’s rights,” Wood told THT. “Equal means equal.  So I’m trying to—we are—“  Here, she pauses and raises her voice to Lizzy Jagger, famed and casually glamorous daughter of Mick, and her mini-entourage of friends standing nearby outside the club.  “WE ARE trying to pass the amendment!”    Jagger, who hosted the event, smiled at Wood knowingly, laughed, and raised her arms in support. 

“Equalmeansequal.org, go to that website, you’ll see what’s happening,” she said. “Gloria Steinem, everyone’s involved in this.  We’re doing these rallies all over bloody America actually.  We’ve got Nevada ratified!  We can’t believe it!  But we still have lots of work to do, we need to get Washington DC to help with this.”  

Jules Wood (right) taking a break outside Blind Dragon (THT)

Wood’s Reserved is the first magazine in the United States to put an ad in.  She wants others to follow suit. Women’s rights are, after all, of paramount importance.  “I’ve asked all the major magazines to do this and help all women,” said Wood.  “They need women to buy their magazines.  It’s all based around women.  So we need these magazines, these big publications to actually support women’s rights!  Style, InStyle, Vogue. Anna Wintour needs to back us up.” 

Wood, whose passion and dedication spills forth with every word, then turns her attention from the publishing industry to equal pay.  “I think it’s really important for women to have equal rights in America,” she said.  “And we need equal pay.  So that’s what I’m trying to do with the magazine.   I’m pushing boundaries.  And Lizzy Jagger, and Sarah Beth, everyone’s involved in this.  I just want people to be informed.  I’m using fashion to get the word out.” 

Wood is highly creative in her methods.  She points to a recent fashion shoot she did with an Italian magazine and ERA.  “It’s getting the word out to other countries,” she said.  “Every country’s got to have that.  In England we have women’s rights.  But in America…we have got nothing.  No one cares about us.” 

With that damning commentary, Wood then launches into an inspiring topic.  Actress Rose McGowan, who is a supporter of both Reserved and the cause, who had been scheduled to appear at the launch, but had been caught up in Hawaii; her recent prominence in the press due to the Harvey Weinstein Scandal has made her an icon in the women’s rights movement. 

Von Haze performing at Reserved Magazine Cover Launch (THT)

“Rose McGowan’s a big supporter,” said Wood.  “She’s gone through hell and back.  She was going to be here to support me, but she has so much to do, so much to figure out right now.”   A lot of women have been through hell and back; and that’s part of the impetus for Wood’s activism.  A prominent one was among Woods’ guests—Charlotte Lewis, the third woman allegedly sexually assaulted by Roman Polanski at age 16. 

The Big Pink performing (THT)

“She’s in there, she’s here, and we’re supporting her as well,” said Wood.  “No one came to her, no one believed her.  We’ve had enough.  We’ve had enough.”  Here, Wood raises her voice again to Jagger’s mini-crowd.  “Guys!  It’s enough.  We need to have equal rights for all of us now.”  They nod. They applaud.  Yes.  It’s enough. 

None of what Wood says ever sinks this crowd into despair.  It’s all celebratory; it’s all full of hope and motivation.  The jovial crowd moves back into the club, where The Big Pink and Von Haze spit out ear-bleeding sets for those who believe in equal rights for everyone. 

The movement marches forward in Hollywood, with the worlds of fashion and rock and roll behind it.