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“The Incredibly Sexy Gallery of the Pasties At Dinah”

By Alex Banx

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 04/09/2019— Branded as the largest lesbian event in the world, thousands of women who love women of all sexualities head to Palm Springs for the Dinah, 5 days a fun, activism, and golf!

With the buzz of the return of Mama B and the original ‘The L Word’ series fluttering in my heart, I couldn’t say no to my return to the Dinah for the Official L Word Pool Party at the 15 year reunion of my first Official L World Pool Party.

“You have not experienced The Dinah until you’ve been to a pool party.” I told my friend, a single, hungry lesbian Dinah Virgin.

Thousands of women, all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes in swimwear, by the pool, on the dancefloor, under the palm trees, drinking, laughing, living, loving, eating, swimming, and having a blast.

While I traveled through the crowd of soaking wet women and friends, I began noticing some things I didn’t see 15 years ago, pairs of unique, clever, fun, and descriptive pasties.