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The Hollywood Times Premieres The Kody Norris Show Song “Fiddlers Rock” off Their Latest Album “Rhinestone Revival” on June 2

By Judy Shields

Hollywood, California (The Hollywood Times) 06/01/2023 – ” I played first fiddle on it and Jason Barie from Joe Mullin & The Radio Ramblers plays second on it and this song will be a feature track of our album.” Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris told The Hollywood Times about Kody Norris’ song “Fiddler’s Rock.”

The Hollywood Times is proud to feature Kody Norris’ single “Fiddler’s Rock” today.  Here it is for you all to enjoy!

The upcoming release of the highly anticipated album from the award-winning country and bluegrass group, The Kody Norris Show is available June 2, 2023. Their sophomore effort Rhinestone Revival has everything that their fans love from The Kody Norris Show — and more! The album boasts a dozen hard-driving traditional bluegrass numbers, upping the honky tonk anty, with the addition of percussion to really achieve a proper toe-tapping tone.

Of the twelve songs on Rhinestone Revival, four are penned by frontman Kody Norris: “Baltimore I’m Leaving,” “Fiddler’s Rock,” “Please Tell Me Why,” and “Gotta Get My Baby Back.” Last October, the first single “Mountain Rosalie” was released along with an accompanying lyric video seen here.

New elements to Rhinestone Revival include a track sung by Kody’s fiddling “sweetie” Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris who steps out on “Endless Highway,” a tune Alison Krauss made popular in 1990. In addition, the band’s banjo ace Josiah Tyree takes the lead on their current single “I Call Her Sunshine.” Charlie Lowman rounds out the group keeping perfect time on bass.

The Kody Norris Show (Photo 2911 Media)

We also had the opportunity to talk with Kody and his wife Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris about the history of this particular song “Fiddler’s Rock”. You will love this story and especially the one of Martin Stone, the rattlesnake charmer.

Click on the link to enjoy the conversation:


Here is as story I found online about The Ghost of Fiddler’s Rock, Tennessee.  Great story.

Story Credits

NOTE: This story was first recorded and published in 1997-1998 as “The Ghost of Fiddler’s Rock” and has been updated with current information.

Adapted from folklore by Craig Dominey

The Ghost of Fiddler’s Rock, Tennessee


The sound of the fiddles starting off this song is just outstanding. Kody’s lyrics are that of the legend of Martin Stone up on Fiddler’s Rock. What a way to tell a story…turn it into a bluegrass song with fiddles, a banjo and that awesome bass. That is what Bluegrass Music is all about! The banjo playing of Josiah Tyree in the middle of the song is just heavenly.  You will really enjoy this song as well as the other eleven on Rhinestone Revival album. Judy Shields, The Hollywood Times

About The Kody Norris Show
As weekly hosts of the famous Farm and Fun Time Noon Show, broadcast from the Birthplace of Country Music Museum and Radio Bristol, The Kody Norris Show is the only artist to hit over
5 million views collectively. They’ve been part of the University of Chicago Folk Festival and are part of two weekly programs on the acclaimed RFD-TV’s network, The Cumberland Highlanders
Show and The Bluegrass Trail.

Kody Norris

As a songwriter and frontman, Kody weaves his love for words and literature with clever wit and genuine emotion. A true showman, Norris adorns the band in colorful, tailored suits adorned with rhinestones, ties, classic hats and ornate boots. Norris has crafted a performance that tips a hat to the traditions and performances of the Grand Ole Opry. Top-notch picking and
harmonies, however, are always center stage. The group maintains an impressive tour schedule. In 2019, The Kody Norris Show played more than 110 dates.

The Kody Norris Show (Photo 2911 Media)

The foursome is fronted by Kody Norris on guitar, with his “little sweetie,” Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris. Mary Rachel who is an award winning and skilled multi-instrumentalist, plays fiddle for the group. Before joining The Kody Norris Show, Mary Rachel played for the legendary Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers. She and Kody are newlyweds. The group is rounded out by Josiah Tyree on banjo, and ‘Cousin’ Charlie Lowman, on bass.