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The Hollywood Times Premieres Singer/Songwriter Kelly Lang’s single “You’re A Miracle” from her just released album “DRAGONFLY”

By: Judy Shields

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 08/11/2023 – “When you first create a project and you put it out you don’t really know, are they going to like it, it’s very intimidating and I have only had one other person that has heard the project and gave me their feedback and I’m glad it’s you that is talking with me today, it’s a very vulnerable position” Kelly Lang told The Hollywood Times during a telephone conversation. (I have to say, a big problem of mine is that I don’t do compliments well. So this goes out to Kelly Lang…Thank you for your kind words about talking with you about your new album, Judy Shields, The Hollywood Times)

The Hollywood Times is honored to have been asked to Premiere one of songs from the new album.  I choose You’re A Miracle, mostly because I know that Kelly is a miracle and her music has changed my life.  Her voice is so calming and all the songs that she sings, you find yourself really listening to each word and those words in many of her songs can and will change your life.

Enjoy You’re A Miracle here:

What glorious music and then add her angelic voice. A song to last a lifetime! A dedication song for those that have had God’s miracle in their life.  Kelly told me that she wrote this song for her 4 year old daughter and it was on an album called Lullaby Country. Her daughter was a miracle to Kelly.  It’s a great CD to add to your collection. A great gift from a grandma to her grandchild.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to speak with Kelly about her new album Dragonfly.  Enjoy our telephone conversation about the 12 songs on the new album Dragonfly:

Here is the list of the 12 songs and a few words about them.

  1. Dragonfly – Beautiful melody with the right amount of musical instruments. Such true words about a dragonfly. Kelly said when she is in her pool, she will put her arm up in the air and a dragonfly will land on her fingers, that’s really cool!
  2.  Down in Destin – Great song to sway back and forth to and think of being on the sand of your favorite beach!  Kelly wrote this song because of her favorite beach down in Destin, Florida.
  3.  Life Sentence – Such an inspirational song for all those that have been told they have cancer or any other type of life-threatening diagnosis.
  4.  You’re A Miracle – The Hollywood Times Premieres this amazing song she wrote about her 4 year daughter.
  5.  If You Knew – This song will resonate with those who have lost a family member.  Be kind, be humble, show passion and forgiveness. God will grant you so much reward and love in your heart.
  6.  I Think It’s Jesus – This song will have us all looking for those pennies on the ground, red birds right before us and hearing a loved one’s voice in the wind.  Really listen to the words of this inspirational song.
  7.  Go Rest Hight on That Mountain – A song written by Vince Gill and Kelly said she wasn’t sure how she felt singing this song, but was talked into it after she sung it at her friend Kim’s mother’s funeral.  Kelly did this Vince Gill cover true justice.
  8.  Down On My Knees – Love that Banjo sound, Bluegrass!
  9.  I’m Not Going Anywhere – We have talked with Kelly about this beautiful and meaningful song.  It was meant to be a national commercial for Ascension Hospital.  A amazing book came from this song and now it’s available as an audiobook.
  10.  Looking Down – Hit me in the heart, since I loss my dad last year and I know he is looking down on me every day.  Such an emotional, but beautiful song.
  11.  Amazing Grace – A song to surely be played at many funerals to come.  Kelly’s angelic voice brings this song much meaning.
  12.  Jesus Love Me – The world needs this song right now, so we all need to spread it around and be proud to do so!

About Kelly Lang

Lang, a prolific songwriter and sultry vocalist has often been compared to legendary artist, KT Oslin. She’s a triple threat as she not only writes most of her own material, sings with such deep emotion, but has also produced every album during her career.

Kelly Lang (Photo: 2911 Media)

Lang released her third studio album, ‘11:11’ in 2011, which gathered high critical acclaim. The single and video for her popular breakup anthem “I’m Done” has received nearly 250,000 YouTube hits. Her fourth studio album, ‘Shades Of K’, a compilation of love songs, was released in April 2013. That
same year Lang teamed up with husband and country superstar, TG Sheppard for the creation of the album, ‘Iconic Duets,’ which featured some of the greatest duets of all time, and gained rave reviews. She released ‘Throwback’ in March 2016 which featured duets with superstars such as Dame Olivia Newton-John, Lee Greenwood and Paul Shaffer of ‘The Late Show’ with David Letterman.’ In October 2017, she put together an album entirely of self-penned songs titled ‘Obsession.’ While shedding light on an
emotional side, Lang allowed every listener an unguarded look, revealing bits and pieces of her life. In the spring of 2020, Lang re-released her children’s album ‘Lullaby Country,’ which was originally sold at Cracker Barrel stores nationwide.

Kelly Lang (Photo: 2911 Media)

As part of a national campaign, her voice and writing skills can be heard on television with her song “I’m Not Going Anywhere” throughout the United States as the official anthem for Ascension Hospital’s television commercial.

As an inductee into the North American Country Music Hall Of Fame, Lang’s career continues to grow at a rapid pace. She was invited by Sir Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees to perform “Islands In The Stream” in honor of Kenny Rogers induction into the Country Music Hall Of Fame as well as the Grand Ole Opry.

Lang, an accomplished oil painter, has portraits that can be seen in the homes of Oprah Winfrey, Sir Barry Gibb, Dame Olivia Newton-John, Larry the Cable Guy and Justin Timberlake’s parents.

T.G. Sheppard & Kelly Lang (Photo 2911 Media)

A 16 year breast cancer survivor, Lang lives each day with great enthusiasm and appreciation for life. “I wasn’t given the greatest news, in fact I could have looked at it as my death sentence. Instead, I chose to see it as my ‘life sentence’ and began to live my life much more courageously. I sang louder, wrote more boldly, and dreamed much bigger,” the artist remarks.  While enduring cancer, Lang turned to humor in order to help lift her spirits and show the world that laughter is the best medicine. She created the comedic character named, XOXO who knew no limits or boundaries when it came to chasing her dreams. She packed her trailer and moved to Nashville, parking it about a mile from the Grand Ole Opry so she would always be close in case the Opry would ever need her. XOXO made her national television debut on TBN’s ‘Huckabee’ in 2018.

Kelly Lang (Photo: 2911 Media)

With the creation of multiple melodic masterpieces, Lang provides a desirable balance of intriguing emotions that help untangle troubled hearts. Audiences of all ages come to witness the museum of musical charm that is Kelly Lang; featuring her current album ‘Old Soul’ as the latest exhibit. Lang was surprised live on ‘Huckabee’ with her induction into the Oklahoma Music
Hall of Fame as well an Oklahoma City proclamation declaring September 18 as Kelly Lang Day.

Social Media

Website – https://www.kellylang.net/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kellylangmusic

Twitter – https://twitter.com/kellylangmusic?lang=en

YouTube – https://www.instagram.com/kellylangmusic/

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@kellylangmusic?lang=en