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The Herbal Chef Launches ‘MealBags’ to support the service industry during Covid-19

The Herbal Chef launches MealBags

Unique vacuum sealed solution to support the service industry with shipping food for takeout & delivery during the Covid-19 epidemic 
Short video to sum it up (50 seconds):
Longer video with more explanation
Whats Happening: 
There is a global pandemic prohibiting people from traveling, working and keeping their businesses open. The service industry has been significantly impacted as chain and independent restaurant groups try to stay open to make it through this financially devastating period.
The Problem: 
Restaurants are offering delivery and to-go menu items, but are unprepared. To-go ware can be expensive and do not have the ability to heat up in the oven. This means that only fresh food can be sold and has a shelf life of 3-4 days maximum. Since restaurants are selling direct to consumer, it is important to note that some folks only have a microwave, an oven or a stove top, not all are accessible to the average consumer.
The Solution: 
We have created a vacuum sealed bag that can do the following:
– Oven Safe up to 400F
– Microwave Safe
– Water bath (or Sous Vide) safe
– Extend shelf life of product to 2 weeks
– Allow raw, partially cooked, fully cooked meal fulfillment
– Keeps texture of product unlike any other method of re-heating food
– Cost effective
– Recyclable
– Heats from Frozen to ready to heat, so shipping is worldwide
– Can have logos, color guides, and instructions printed on the bags themselves
– Help the service industry thrive by providing local meals and the ability to ship meals nationally.
Where we are Currently: 
– Chef Bill Kim out of Chicago who is using our bags to make meal prep for the Hospital staff and is now using our bags to fulfill meal plans in retail stores (nationwide).
– Chef Brad Kilgor out of Miami is using the bags to fulfill Hospital staff meals.
– Chef Llamar Moore, Nathan Bentley, Simon Davis, Antonio Park (Partners with Drake in Canada), Rich Rosendale and more are testing the bags to implement them into their operations.
– We have officially partnered with Chefs Roll as a way to inform the restaurant world about this solution
– Skuna Bay Salmon out of BC, Canada for salmon products.
How it Started:
Chris Sayegh, the Herbal Chef originally created MealBags as a solution to hospital and hospice care meals, allowing us to fulfill the needs of hospital patients nutritional needs, shipped to hospital staff with color coding for specific ailments. So when it goes to the Hospital and the Chef has a celiac disease patient, they just grab the bag with the blue circle, heat it up and then serve it to the consumer with no mess and no prep. Since hospitals rely on grants based on how good their feedback is on the food, pairing up with a professional Chef to do meal delivery at a low cost while cutting time and labor is an ideal solution.
Recognized as the world’s foremost Cannabis chef, Christopher Sayegh – known as The Herbal Chef –  has earned global accolades for crafting immersive culinary experiences expertly infused with Cannabis. A Michelin-trained chef who has also become an ambassador for the Cannabis industry, Sayegh aims to destigmatize marijuana use while shining a spotlight on the origins of ingredients. He is a proponent of educating the public on the multifaceted uses of Cannabis in food and for health, including its ability to enhance sensations of taste while increasing appetite.