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The End of Aids?

PBS Newshour recently featured a six-part series of reports entitled The End of AIDS?  For each report, they traveled to different locations to examine the state of the epidemic and the possibilities for progress toward an AIDS-free generation.

Learn more about this series and view the archived episodes.

EJAF is tackling many of the issues addressed in the series – in many of the cities featured in the series – by supporting local, grassroots organizations via grants and advocacy initiatives. During 2015 alone, we funded 134 grants for a total of nearly $9.8 million. We anticipate awarding up to $10 million in grants this year.

We applaud PBS Newshour for taking a serious, thoughtful, and incisive look at what will be required to end AIDS across the globe, including the unique challenges for different populations and geographic locations.

I urge all of EJAF’s friends and supporters to tune in to this excellent series, and learn more about how areas hardest-hit by the epidemic are working to fight it.