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The Enchanting Women’s Festival

By: Judith Oehman

Lesbos, Greece (The Hollywood Times) 1/20/19 – Come to the beautiful island of Lesbos.

Such common words, and they are related to the Caribbean’s blazing sands and softness of the Mediterranean.

I invite you Not to think of St Thomas Island, nor the famous Greece isles. I invite you go to a dream, think of the warmth of a loving environment, think of warm hearts, think of the joy of reclaiming yourself… Come to the beaches of Sappho, the ground of legends and poetry.  Enjoy the largest Greek Island Lesbos. Lesbos, say the name, hear it ripple in the air; notice that you have a half smile. Does not the name alone connect us? Come with me on a Lesbian pilgrimage to Mytilene and then to Skala Eressos. Come hear Sappho’s voice speak to you.

“The moon has set

And the stars have faded,

Midnight has gone,                    

Long hours pass by, pass by.

I sleep alone”


You’ve come and you-

Oh, I was longing for you-

Have cooled my

which was burning with desire

(Sappho Poems and Fragments)

You will have the chance to observe the mist of prehistory. Eressos, port of ancient times was widely reputed for its sweet wines, luscious figs, and breads.  It was said to be the place the gods would send the messenger Hermes when they wished the fines to be placed on their table. We may enjoy the same flavors of the breads, wine, figs and other grand food in the many superior restaurants of Sappho land. Come join Sappho and the first lesbians at the rock, dance with us every night, swim with us every day, come to the Women’s Festival.


If the  history of Sappho, the one women who was glorified by Plato, is not of interest. Come to play, to sing or listen to music, to walk on streets crowded with lesbians the Sappo Womens Festival. We’ll see you there.