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The Drifter: A Martial Arts Series

Written By: Sensa/Author Rodney A. Nobles

By: Victoria Stevens

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 09/07/2021- According to Level3karate.com, practicing martial arts everyday can have a huge impact on the lives of many individuals. It can increase confidence, give you a full body workout, increase flexibility, give you better coordination, improve your ability to learn self-defense skills, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, improve your mental stamina, improve your social skills, and help with stress relief. Martial arts instructor/author Rodney A. Nobles has seen these positive effects that occur in students when they master the craft of martial arts. It led him to write a book series called The Drifter which is based around the martial arts scene.

“The Drifter starts out as a young man who struggles in an urban neighbor trying to make something of himself.  He eventually ascends to success, only to be brought down by false accusations which sends him onto the path of re-discovery,” said Nobles.

Being raised in a depraved neighborhood by his abusive mother, Nobles had to learn at a young age how to protect himself. Dealing with extreme anger issues and the emotional trauma that came from living in this environment, Nobles found himself in many fist fights with bullies.

“I was always pushed into fights which made me a good street fighter, but I became more dangerous when I started learning martial arts,” explained Nobles. “I was known as the bully buster, because I would fight for weaker people who couldn’t defend themselves.”

Growing up Nobles never saw himself as a karate teacher, but the passion for it grew over time. Now, Nobles is a Sensa at his school called The Young Tiger Martial Arts School.  The school was named after his fighting name, Rodney “The Young Tiger” Nobles, that he was called in tournaments and kickboxing.

Learning from many experienced Grand Masters at the age of 17, such as Mwanzo Mwalimu Umeme JC from Vita Sianna African Martial Arts Institute and Grand Master Ozzie Wright Jr from the Chang Moo Kwan School, has taught Nobles the importance of responsibility and the need to be there for others.

“In my school, I teach my students the importance of respecting others and giving back to the community. My school motto is Am I My Brother’s Keeper, Yes I Am which means you can’t walk away from someone if they are in trouble and need help. That is why I made the character’s motto in the book, Each One Teach One, Each One Help One,” clarified Nobles.

Nobles took his life experiences, and decided to create a series that highlighted the lessons that he learned every day.

“The main character, Max Cordell, is loosely based on my character as an individual,” expressed Nobles. “I am a martial artist, like the character, with two karate schools. Even though I wasn’t a lawyer like the character, I was in law enforcement. Therefore, I did change a few things around. Many of my characters were developed around people that I met; therefore, I used their personalities to bring out the characters. “(Insert – Photo #3 – Rodney A Nobles)

The Drifter is going to be an eight-book compilation that Nobles wants to turn into a TV series for Netflix and other possible platforms that share in his vision. He has already written Episode 1 and 2 so far and is currently working on the trailer.  Being in the entertainment field for a long time and having the opportunity to work with Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Nicholas Cage has given Nobles the insight into how the entertainment business is run and hopefully lead him to make the right connections to see his series succeed.

The Drifter can be found on Amazon and other participating book stores.

For further information go to Rodney Alex Nobles – Rodney ‘Alex’ Nobles (rodneyanobles.com)

Photo Credit: Rodney A Nobles