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The Dinah 2019 Features Big Names, As Promised

By Valerie Milano

Photos THT

Sunday, April 7, 2019. The Dinah Pool Party at The Palm Springs Hilton

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/10/19 – One thing was for sure when attending last weekend’s landmark event The Dinah Shore Weekend, an event that’s become a familiar mainstay for the editors of The Hollywood Times:  there were a lot fewer people this year, and event organizers are catering to the younger crowd. A disappointing development, when it’s so apparent there are mature women that need more programming geared toward them. On the positive side, there was a noticeable increase in women of color present, and that served to elevate the festivities significantly.

In spite of high end appearances including Grammy winner Daya, musician and producer Leikeli47, Diiamon’d Royalty, and Kodie Shane, several world renowned DJs, the event just didn’t shape up to its original potential. And since VIP and media weren’t fully cared for, it was difficult to get into it the way we wanted to.

The Real L Words’ Mikey Koffman and Milano discussing fashion at Dinah

Patrons, especially VIP’s, certainly need to be treated well, and with too much security and long lines, no food or space for working, $40 additional prices for a show with only two comedians, and overpriced drinks and hot dogs, it was difficult to feel comfortable, or be motivated to return.

After seeing my friend and colleague and talking to her about this event, Koffman told THT “Dinah Shore Weekend is always an amazing safe space for our community thanks to Mariah Hansen’s dedication throughout the decades. I couldn’t think of a better place to sell our goods for Malibu Fashion Weekend and connect with like minded people who all just want to have a little fun. Until next year!”

The 5-day event is considered to be the largest lesbian event in the world. With massive pool parties, go-go dancers, red carpet events, and other draws, it is an impressive lineup.  Creator Mariah Hanson has developed the entire weekend to celebrate, unite, and empower women. Unfortunately, she seems like she may be hitting burnout this year.

Still, Daya was every bit the headliner she promises to be. She’s an energetic presence and a force to be reckoned with, injecting life and youth into the waning festivities.  And in spite of the high ticket prices, comedians Fortune Feimster and Chaunte Wayans proved to be the talents they are known as. Best yet, Bri Steves, who performed at the Saturday Pool party, was in our opinion the best act of the entire event.

Personal trainer, Jenn Kalaitsides and Fortune Feimster yucking it up on the red carpet

The two have appeared in feature films and on major networks, collaborating with comedy giants including Chelsea Handler and Katt Williams, and releasing specials on Netflix and Comedy Central.

They did leave their anticipating audience in stitches, and that’s something that was needed at that point.

Palm Springs is our favorite location for events, so it was with high spirits we attended the highly anticipated Dinah Shore weekend. And with so much joy to be had, we were able to truly enjoy ourselves. We’re just hoping the Dinah will remember a few essentials for large events next year: and make sure mature patrons are also part of the celebration.  In conclusion, Mariah brings it every year. As patrons, we only want the best and we know that Mariah can pull it off, regardless of shortcomings or setbacks.

As an official sponsor to the Dinah Shore Weekend The Hollywood Times received 331k hits, and will continue to remain avid supporters of the Dinah. We hope she can continue this grand event regardless of any flaws.  As for those of you who haven’t experienced this grand event: If you’ve never been, you need to–whether coupled, or not.