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The Circus Workout of the Stars

jillJill is the owner of Aerial Physique with you locations in the Los Angeles area. Unlike the average aerial yoga class, Jill’s classes are more physically demanding and have a performance aspect. Celeb fans of the studio include Jennifer Garner and Revenge star Christa Allen. 

While Jill makes climbing the silks look easy and effortless, if you’ve ever held yourself you know it takes a lot of upper body strength and a core you can depend on! To help newcomers or those who may be interested in trying an aerial class someday, Jill has come up with a few great workouts that prep you to hit the silks like a pro.

  • An upper body workout that prepares women to concur a pull-up
  • Vertical abs- an all standing ab workout that requires no matt 
  • A lower body/ab workout with a pull-up bar (no pull-up required) 
  • A dancers body cardio workout 

Jill has an extensive background in performance, fitness and dance, she would be an excellent resource for a story you maybe in the process of writing. Also, if you happen to be in the LA area, would love to set you up with a complimentary class with Jill.