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The Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors Co-Chairs Robert Papazian & Tanya Hart Announces International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) Is a New Division of The Caucus!



11/22/16 Los Angeles, CA The Caucus for Producers, Writers, Directors Photo Credit: Steve Cohn © 2016 Steve Cohn Photography www.stevecohnphotography.com (310) 277-2054
Los Angeles, CA
The Caucus for Producers, Writers, Directors
Photo Credit: Steve Cohn
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Beverly Hills, CA — Co-chairs Robert Papazian and Tanya Hart, along with Executive Producer Chuck Fries, The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors proudly announces the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) is a new Division of The Caucus.  Now, members of IAWTV will be eligible to become full members of The Caucus under the new IAWTV Caucus Division. Together they will blend their efforts to make one dynamic organization.

Frank Chindamo, who was behind these two organizations coming together, spearheaded this combination.  Frank Chindamo is a member of The Caucus, President of the Associates Group of The Caucus and IAWTV.  Chindamo is a producer, professor and founder of Fun Little Movies and has been appointed the new Head of New Media at Columbia College, Hollywood.

Co-Chairs Robert Papazian and Tanya Hart reveals, “As co-chairs of the Caucus, we could not be happier that these two organizations have united their forces for the ever changing media landscape. The digital world is upon us and the IAWTV’s experience coupled the 43 year old Caucus of Producers, Writers, and Directors will propel our combined organization to the forefront of entertainment.” Hart and Papazian continue, “The medium by which content is delivered to audiences is changing and evolving almost daily.  By bring IAWTV into the Caucus as a Division allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

Tina Cesa Ward, writer/producer/ director and Chair of the IAWTV stated,  “The IAWTV was formed to advance the medium of online, short form storytelling and bring new voices, telling new stories, to the world. And now because of the forward thinking and commitment to our initial goals by the Caucus, together we have the ability to not only reach past our goals but also create a bridge between new media and traditional producers, writers and directors like never before.

The Caucus’ new motto is “Leading the Evolution” and that’s is what they have been doing for 43 years. They have always been innovators and have helped those that just needed an opportunity to open the doors to their dreams in the entertainment industry.


About the International Academy of Web Television

The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) is a nonprofit organization comprised of leaders in the field of web video, and the digital entertainment industry.  Founded in 2009, the IAWTV is helping to shape the rapidly evolving digital entertainment industry while providing a venue for the acknowledgement of artistic and technological achievement in original entertainment distributed on the open internet.  IAWTV members include actors, agents, composers, content developers, directors, editors, producers, technology innovators, writers, and other industry professionals all of whom joined the organization based on their passion and dedication to advance the craft of digital entertainment.  For additional information visit: http://www.iawtv.org

About The Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors
Linking the best of Hollywood’s and Television’s creative content providers (i.e. the top 100 Television producers, writers and program directors of Primetime, Daytime and Children’s programming) with the rest of the web world!  For the past 42 years in Network Television (and now in Cable and Satellite Television as well), The Caucus has provided a forum for the best and the brightest creative talent in Hollywood to network together as the ‘creative conscience’ of the Television industry.  The Caucus, as the leaders of the creative Television community, has always stood for better and more meaningful television.  That means Television Programs produced, written and directed in a working environment that supports the best product that we can create for our audience.

Current members of The Caucus also include Tom Hanks, JJ Abrams, Chuck Fries, James Burrows, Bob Papazian, Vin Di Bona, Suzanne de Passe, Charles Floyd Johnson, Dennis Doty, Norman Powell, Lee Miller and other leading producers, writers and directors. For additional information on The Caucus visit: www.caucus.org