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The Astrology of Love-Weekly Romance Prediction

Jan 29-February 4th

This week we continue our journey through the wild world of Aquarius energy, as we breeze through the season. We are also getting a sprinkle of  of Capricorn thrown into the mix as Mercury, the planet of communication continues its stay there. But this week let us all welcome Pisces energy as Venus, the planet of love, moves out of Aquarius, and into the sign of the psychic. Just in time because this week’s activity is calling for all our extra sensory perceptions to be on point.

One thing airy Aquarius and watery Pisces have in common is the art of perception, although Aquarius tends more towards the logical and Pisces the intuitive. Regardless both are very adept at picking up information about their environment, people and situations. Another thing the two have in common is avoidance. Although they may be adept at picking up the information, what they do with it is another matter. While the two concepts may seem at odds with each other, think about how often they show up together in our individual lives.

For example, how often do you find yourself picking up information about someone within the first few minutes of meeting them, immediately shoving that information down, only to have the exact thing you knew about that person, resurface in some big way later. In dating and relationships, it happens all the time.

Pisces Perception in Action

So often we sense something about someone, call it an impression, a feeling, a vibe, etc. but we get a hit of information about someone or a situation then we immediately dismiss it. We convince ourselves that what we are feeling is mean, or incorrect or even too good to be true only to eventually find out we were right all along! Bummer.

I’ll give you an example. I went on a date with a guy, and within ten minutes I picked up the vibe that he had an extremely close relationship with his mother, like maybe a little too close. Not the Bates family close or anything but still just a little bit…weird. Yet I brushed it off and chastised myself for “being mean” and “judgmental.” I even shamed myself, thinking that perhaps because I did not have a close relationship with my family, that perhaps I did not know what a normal one looked like. Harsh, right? Sheesh the things we say to ourselves. Yet, the feeling remained. And I am happy to report that after three months of watching this guy spend two weekends a month in his childhood bedroom, have daily check in’s with his mother, sometimes during and about our dates, and getting the information that his family would be moving in with him as soon as his house was finished, I realized I had been right all along. The guy had a weirdly close relationship with his mother. Could I have saved us both some time, hurt feelings and drama if I had just listened to that impression on the first date? I sure could have. Did I do that? Now where’s the fun in that.

We can be quick to judge or silence our own impressions of people, or their attributes. Yet it is helpful to remember, we are all on our own path and certain behaviors and attributes may not be “good” or “bad” they might just not be for us.  Regardless of whether we assign something a negative or positive connotation, the key is to figure out if it is a good fit for us and our lives. Think about it, all attributes and traits are generally neutral to begin with, we simply rate them in whether they make it easier or harder for us to live. At times we curse the things that keep us from fitting in and other times we value the attributes that help us stand out. It’s all relative. It’s all relative which means it’s all good. Someone can be a wonderful person, and still not be your person. Or maybe they aren’t so wonderful, and that’s good info for you to know too.

Find Your Own Sixth Sense

So here is where we can once again work with the astrology of the week, instead of against it. We are going to stretch our sixth sense and open our third eye, so to speak. Then we are going to really spread our wings as we use the blunt, fact-based energy of Capricorn, where the planet of communication currently is, to accept the impressions as they are. We are not going to sugar coat them, mitigate them or talk ourselves out of them, we are simply going to accept them as they are. Good, bad, or otherwise. I know… this is big.

So, this week, on your dates, in your relationship, with your friends, even at your job, I want you to write down your impressions. All the little feelings in your gut, your intuitive hits, the things you know without knowing. Write them down. No judgement of either you or the person they are about. Just plain ol’ perception. And it doesn’t have to be first impressions, it could be something as simple as the vibe of a room, or that Bob your coworker is in a fight with his wife, or that your partner could use a serious pick me up this week.

Also, bonus points if you somehow validate your impressions! Like if you find out Bob really is in a fight with his wife, or your surprise dinner causes your partner to say, “How did you know I needed this?”  We are all far more perceptive than we give ourselves credit for, and in the world of dating and relationships, that perception can save us time and heartache, and take our relationships to a whole new level, if only we care to listen.

So, this week use the sign of the psychic, to boost your intuitive skills.

Your Weekly to Do List:

  • This week, write down everything you “perceive” about the people around you. Dates, partners, friends, family etc.
  • Use no filter. These are not to be shared, they are for your own use. So, allow them to be as they come. Even if they seem a little “mean” like “This guy has a weird relationship with his mom.” Because whether you deem it as “mean” or not, that guy might really just have a weird relationship with his mom and that is probably not something you want to find out the hard way. Trust me.
  • Bonus points for validating your impressions!

So that’s it! This week we are simply gathering the facts and stretching our psychic senses. Next week we will get into what to do with all these oh so helpful impressions we’ve gathered, but for now just jot them down in a safe place.

Good luck and happy star surfing!

  1. S. We want to hear how it’s going! Write to us: bethanynicole.htimes@gmail.com