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The Acy Brown Show: The Man, The Model, The Mission

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/27/2020- The Acy Brown Show: The Man • The Model • The Mission is a podcast that covers a plethora of relevant topics. His charismatic persona is relatable to his growing listenership and his keen insight provides his audience with informative business strategies, practical advice and cutting-edge Health & Wellness principles. The format of The Acy Brown Talk Show/Podcast is both educational and entertaining.


You are an Actor, Model, and the successful Owner of The Acy Brown Lyfestyle Fitness Collection. How has your experience led you to launch “ The Acy Brown Talk Show/Podcast?

My experience as a Model, Actor, and Business Owner, led to the launch of The Acy Brown Podcast in that I wanted a platform that would allow me to express views and topics I deem not only relevant to the Entertainment Industry, but also the everyday lives of people. I know through my years of experience as a Model, Actor, and Entrepreneur there is a lot of valuable information and knowledge I have to share with people that can shed light on what it takes to be successful both in the business arena and in one’s personal development.


What is it about the entertainment business that resonates with your soul?

The aspect of the Entertainment Business that resonates in my soul is that it affords me the opportunity to express myself and who I am through still photographs in a variety of mediums. My Passion within the Entertainment Industry is within the area of Commercial Modeling. I love being featured and seen depicting my favorite characters such as a Businessman, Physician, Husband, Athlete, or Law Enforcement Officer for Billboards, Magazines, Television, Commercials, and other Advertisement Platforms.

You are a trailblazer, at 50-years old you launched The Acy Brown Lyfestyle Fitness Collection. Share your experience.

Launching The Acy Brown Lyfestyle Collection has been a challenging yet invigorating experience. I have always dreamt of having clothing with my name inscribed and a brand that expressed my overall style. Being an avid lover of Sports, Health and Fitness, establishing my Athleisure Fashion and Lyfestyle Fitness Collections was the perfect direction to lead with for The Acy Brown Company.


I have encountered some bumps in the road along the way ranging from changing Business Managers to changing Vendors and Distribution Companies to Gaining Funding/Operating Capital, but through perseverance and determination and by the Grace of God, My Brand has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year!

I know others can learn from my experience by believing not only in their dreams but also in themselves. I know I can be a great example for those in my age group that when it comes to achieving your goals and aspirations, do not allow your age to be a hindrance or reason not to go after what you believe in your heart! You have to be Focused, Determined, Dedicated, and Self Motivated to be successful and if you apply these principles, your chance of being successful by your standards will be greatly increased.


The Acy Brown Talk Show/Podcast is both educational and entertaining. What will listeners enjoy most about your show? Share some of your topics and why they are important to you. 

Listeners will enjoy my Transparency, Honesty, Humbleness, and Versatility as a Co-Host when they listen to the Podcast!


My topics have covered areas such as Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Compatibility, Reinventing Yourself, and Depression!

These topics are important to me because they are the basic foundation of our existence. Dealing with these issues and confronting them head on allow people to really connect with the Mental and Emotional side of themselves from within. This gives people a chance in many cases to identify with others and know they are not the only one that has personal issues and its okay to open up and talk to someone. I simply want to Motivate and Inspire others and be a Shining Light in someone’s life whenever they choose to tune into The Acy Brown Show/Podcast!

What do you bring to the table that no other Talk Show Host can bring? 

I bring Knowledge, Passion, and a Sincere desire to connect Mentally and Emotionally with my listeners with every topic of discussion. My goal is to have listeners tune in to the show not only because it’s another new podcast, but because they know they will walk away Motivated and Inspired to be a Better Person! 

Who do you want on your show? How can they contact you?

Actual persons I would like to have on The Acy Brown Show/Podcast would be Master P, Shaquille O’Neal, and Angela Bassett.

The type of guests I would like to have on my podcast would consist of Relationship Experts, Certified Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Financial Experts, Business Owners, Entertainment Industry Professionals, Directors/Ad Agency Personnel/Casting Directors, Professional Athletes.

They can contact my Business Manager Anthony Little of Capton Entertainment: his email is

Which topics hit home for you?

Topics that hit home for me are Mental Health, Communication, and The Effects of Greed on Our Society. 

What will guests notice first about you? 

Guests will first notice My Professionalism and that I am not a selfish co-host.

Share your view on how “ The Acy Brown Show, “ can bring people together during these turbulent times. 

The sole purpose of my show is to Motivate, Inform, Inspire, and Uplift my listeners by discussing issues and topics that have a direct influence in their lives. I approach all topics I choose to talk about from a mental perspective. I want my listeners to think about the “Important” aspects of life itself and not just focus on the “Lifestyle” of life. I feel listeners after listening to my podcast, will leave feeling and knowing that I sincerely care about their emotional and physical well being and no matter the seriousness of the topic, my final outlook will always be Positive and Truthful!

 Do you have any additional thoughts? 

I only want to be a Positive Influence and Blessing to others through My Actions and My Words. I may fall short at times, but my intentions are meant for good! When my time to leave this Earth comes, all I care to be remembered for is I was Real and I Sincerely Cared about others well-being!