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“The 6 Phase Meditation Method”: Another Brilliant Bestseller-To-Be by Vishen Lakhiani

By Gordon Durich

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/20/22 -Vishen Lakhiani’s enlightening new book “The 6 Phase Meditation Method” is a metaphysical new program combining emotional mastery, gratitude and manifestation. In this groundbreaking new work Lakhiani shows how it is possible to train your mind in just minutes a day, and  recharge yourself daily. Vishen Lakhiani is Mindvalley founder, called the world’s most powerful transformation platform. Following up on his New York Times bestselling books “The Buddha and Badass” and “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind,” in his practical new work Lakhiani’s mission is to help people “step into their greatness.” With a following of 20 million people, Lakhiani’s raw talent in his field is infectious.

Supermodel Kate Moss swapped her lifestyle of partying for daily meditation and yoga in an effort to promote wellness. Russell Brand is another “convert” to this way of life.  Yoga and meditation is a growing trend and continues to be.

Unhappier and more stressed than ever, we need relief and a simple way to transform the way we think about ourselves and the world. This book works. And is proven and based on years of research. Lakhiani has been endorsed by top entrepreneurs, artists such as myself, athletes and the like.

“I’m not a big fan of meditation,” Lakhiani is his surprise comment in the Introduction.  If that seems confusing and contradictory, you will just have to read this book to understand why.

“You Can Search the Entire Universe and Not Find a Single Being More Worthy of Love Than You,” said Gautama Buddha. This quote at the beginning of Phase 6, (the book’s Chapter 6 called “The Blessing”) hit home.  Circle of love and compassion, peace through forgiveness. Master your day.  Also powerful is Michael Beckwith on the power of asking for divine intervention.  So it is.

www.vishen.com www.mindvalley.com

Rodale Books/Penguin Random House, New York, 2022.

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