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Tears of Change: Poems, Reflections and Quotes for a Meaningful Life.

By: T. Felder

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/15/21 – Poet Debbie Monteggia wants to take readers on a journey through the everyday emotions of life in her latest book of poetry entitled Tears of Change. It is centered around assisting the reader in channeling all of their own emotions in hopes of reaching a space of love and gratitude. This collection will move the reader through joy, loss, acceptance, renewal, pain, and sorrow.

What is the meaning behind the title of your book?

Sorrowful words and thoughts transitioning into happy and heartfelt thoughts and words creating poetry. 

How did working through your anxiety allow you to discover your talent for poetry?

My poetry journey began when I started journaling as a healing process to move through my anxiety. Journaling was a powerful source for me to release surface thoughts and feelings. Once these were removed it gave me the lens to dwell deeper into writing about my true and authentic self, discovering my gift to write poetry. Writing poetry was a gateway for me to express my emotions, both the fearful and joyful ones. Many of my poems reflect the emotional and physical way I felt when moving through my anxiety.

How can one tap into their creative potential by first confronting fear?

I believe fear is a driver emotion, a teacher. Behind fear are hidden talents. That is why we fear them. It is all a part of self-discovery. Once one moves through the fearful aspects of their life, accepts and embraces these feelings there is an open space for abundance to appear, your gifts. We all are born with gifts to share and finding your gift is ones greatest Challenge.

How can honoring all of our emotions even the negative ones help us learn life lessons?

Emotions are a powerful part of who we are as human beings. They are the fabric of our lives. Understanding and feeling all of our emotions is an individual challenge for all of us.

So how you process and handle all of your emotions is unique to yourself.

For myself it is important that we honor ALL of our emotions even the fearful ones. It is our life lesson to move through pain and sorrow. It’s easy to move through joy and happiness. You need to feel to heal. Accepting and embracing all of our emotions is a key to becoming whole and discovering our true authentic self.

Why is journaling so powerful?

Because it is a snapshot of your true authentic self. A reflection of yourself in words.

Journaling releases the emotions that keep us stuck allowing us to move forward with Confidence. 

What can the reader expect to gain from reading your poetry?

A read that will take them on a journey away from the daily stresses of life. Many will see a mirror/reflection of themselves that will take them back to a time in their life that aligns with a particular poem. This may bring tears of sadness, joy or both allowing them to release the energy associated with those tears.

Poetry is from the heart. It uncovers true characteristics of the soul. It’s authentic, heartfelt, nourishing, and loving. It knows no evil. It’s genuine in its delicate way and nurtures our humanness.

Why do you think poetry is experiencing a resurgence today?

There are several new poets leading the charge inspiring this resurgence. Amanda Gorman is captivating and her recital at President Biden’s Inauguration propelled her and poetry into the national spotlight. Other artists such as IN-Q create their own style using poetry as vehicle to tell a short story that resonates with the challenges of everyday life. I believe readers are connecting with the message’s poetry induces to help them with life’s journey.

Debbie Monteggia

Where can readers purchase your book?