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Taylor Swift favorite Yoke Lore releases new a/b track inspired by trust and falling in love

Yoke Lore releases new a/b track, “Bravado” + “Body Parts”

Touring with Bishop Briggs in Europe December 2019 + recently concluded headlining tour with sold out dates and support from Bad Bad Hats, EXES, Future Generations, and Runnner.
In the wake of his headlining tour, Yoke Lore releases a new a/b single “Bravado” / “Body Parts.” The tracks highlight Yoke Lore’s vocal capabilities while providing calm nostalgia-provoking jams perfect for reflecting on 2019.
Bringing Yoke Lore back to his roots, “Bravado” features a slower melody with echoing waves of banjo behind crooning lyrics that deal with Adrian Galvin’s (Yoke Lore) usual thought-provoking sentiments. “Body Parts” has a retro sound that is sure to be on repeat on your playlist. Check out the visual for “Body Parts” featuring clips from Yoke Lore’s tour here.
Adrian explains the tracks stating, “”Bravado” is about the agreement you make with someone you love to take care of one another’s limitations. We often fall in love with someone’s beautiful parts and then their real full self comes into the picture later on, and we have to contend with those not so beautiful parts. This song is about real love being borne through that struggle. Being comfortable with letting someone see your failures and you accepting someone else’s.
He continues, “”Body Parts” is about trusting your gut. Trusting the senses you get from your fingers and your tongue and listening to the little jimminy cricket inside of your skull whenever he speaks up. It’s hard to trust ourselves in this day and age when so much information is available, when right and wrong is blurred by the sheer availability of multitudinous perspectives and options. This song is a plea to myself to allow myself to be guided by my instincts.

After putting out three acclaimed EPs — Far Shore (2016),  Goodpain (2017), and Absolutes (2018) —  Yoke Lore gained a loyal following. 2019’s Meditations stripped several of Adrian Galvin’s familiar songs to their core by trading the usual electronic elements for arrangements of piano, horns, and strings. In addition to these re-interpretations, listeners found two new studio songs on the Meditations EP.

+ On Taylor Swift’s “Songs Taylor Loves” Playlist
“Artist, Adrian Galvin, the voice behind Yoke Lore, is the living embodiment of the term jack of all trades.”
–  V Magazine