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Tawanna Chamberlain “The Posh Publicist” and Author of NEW eBook “Communication & Crisis Management amid the Coronavirus”

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/31/2020 Tawanna Chamberlain is the owner and Creative Director of The Posh Publicity Firm, a full-service public relations firm based in the beautiful Tampa Bay area. She began her career in Public Relations over 20 years ago. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Georgia Southern University. Since entering the field of PR, Ms. Chamberlain has worked in both the Corporate and Non-profit sectors as a PR Practitioner, Assistant Marketing Director, and Brand Strategist. In addition to her undergraduate degree in PR, Ms. Chamberlain has also earned advanced degrees/certifications in Education, Human Communications, Advertising and she is currently pursuing her MBA {with an emphasis in Marketing}. Tawanna has a passion for Public Relations—and for seeing people actualize their goals, dreams and aspirations! Additionally, she is a mom, a make-up artist, a former event planner, the author of “Posh-itivity: 23 Ways to a Posh & Positive Life!” and the Executive Director of her Non-Profit organization, Poised For Success Leadership Academy, Inc. Most recently, Tawanna took home the title of Miss Women in Business Florida 2018 and was the 2019 Arts/Media/Entertainment honoree of the Tampa Bay [Black] Girls Rock award.

During this turbulent time, why should small business owners, emerging entrepreneurs, and creative artists continue to make Publicity a priority?

PR is what’s going to propel their business forward. This is not the time to shrink or retreat, NOW is the time to step UP and step OUT in a bold, innovative way! This can be an optimal time to heighten your Visibility and garner more exposure for your Brand. 

Can you share a few client success stories?

I enjoy working with small business owners, emerging entrepreneurs, and creative artists. I love helping my clients to share their stories with the world in a compelling, mediagenic way! For example, my client Benjamin Vidmar is a celebrity eco-Chef in Norway and he’s been featured on a Ford Truck Commercial, NBC and in Forbes. My client Jill Flowers has been a guest panelist on CNN and several other NY-based media outlets, My client Acy Brown has been in several national and international publications, including MarketWatch.com, my Client Charles J. Lewis is an accomplished thespian and author. My clients “Pretti Emage” are an Award-winning Rap/Hip Hop/R&B duo, My client JaneliaSoul is an international AfroBeats artist and Celiane The Voice has a global, otherworldly brand! All of my clients started off as small business owners with BIG dreams!

Tell us about your new eBook: Communication & Crisis Management amid the Coronavirus.

It’s a resource to help entrepreneurs successfully maximize their publicity and marketing efforts in the midst of a global pandemic. I provide practical tips and solutions for finding creative and effective ways to leverage publicity opportunities.

Read the eBook by clicking here –> Communication & Crisis Management amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What are some of the main concerns that you hear as a result of the Coronavirus that your eBook addresses?

A lot of small business owners are trying to figure out how to stay afloat right now. And I believe the key to that is Innovation. Small business owners have to be willing to adopt a new business model. They have to be open to new ways of doing business—mainly via electronic platforms. And they have to remain positive and hopeful! This too shall pass.

What do you enjoy most about Public Relations?

I absolutely love working with people—I always have! Moreover, I love helping people to solve problems. Having a skilled, well-connected publicist on your team is beneficial as it allows my clients to just focus on their craft—without having to worry about publicizing their own business/product/service. Many small business owners already wear multiple hats—so having me onboard helps them to simply focus on what they do best. 

Tell us about your upcoming e-course/Webinar, Facing Coronavirus like a BOSS: How To Lead in Challenging Times. Where can we find this?

I’m so excited about this webinar! It’s going to be chock full of truly helpful and insightful information for entrepreneurs to successfully navigate uncharted territory in difficult times. But I’m most excited about tag-teaming this e-course with you, Jules!

Webinar Blurb: Calling all Small Business Artists, Emerging Entrepreneurs, and Creative artists: The webinar was designed with you in mind! Tawanna and Jules will share a wealth of knowledge with you about creative ways to leverage publicity and marketing opportunities, how to create newsworthy content and how to keep yourself uplifted during difficult and unprecedented times.

**Registration/Information for this webinar will be available on my website (www.ThePoshPublicist.com), our social media platforms as well as EventBrite.com 

What is your vision for 2020? What is the best piece of advice you can provide?

My vision for 2020 is to stay focused, add value to the lives of others and become a better version of myself—every single day! The best piece of advice that I can provide right now is: Stay calm, Stay focused and Stay at home. Social Distancing can save lives.

Do you have any additional thoughts? 

I just want people to know that we’ll get through this. Be encouraged. Be optimistic! And never, ever give up on your dreams.

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