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Takeaways from Award Winning Australian Drama The Newsreader

By Rachel Deal New York City, NY (The Hollywood Times) 3/14/22 - Sit down with some vegemite because here’s a briefing of the Australian show...

The Hollywood Times Official Guide To Watching Movies At Home

We at The Hollywood Times Today love taking you behind the scenes of what’s happening in Hollywood because we know you love movies. And...

THE NEW BAUHAUS Streaming on Select VOD Platforms

Opendox  presentsTHE NEW BAUHAUS a film by Alysa Nahmias89 minutes | Documentary | US | Not Rated NOW ON VOD AppleTV // Google Play // Vimeo . ABOUT THE FILM When radical...

One-Man Show Wiesenthal about the Nazi Hunter Streamed by the Wallis

In a dark time in human history, an even darker time is revealed in Tom Dugan’s powerful one-man take on the bittersweet retirement of...