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Nothing Compares REVIEW

By Jesus "Solly" Olivares Georgia (The Hollywood Times) 10/7/22 - "Nothing Compares" is probably the most beautiful documentary I have ever seen. I subscribe to...

A Talk With Kate Casey, the host of “Reality Life with...

Kate Casey is the host of “Reality Life with Kate Casey,” one of the highest-rated podcasts which is solely devoted to unscripted television. Known...

Nothing Compares 2 U Demi Lovato

By Kevin Dranoff  New Jersey (The Hollywood Times) 12/28/21 - Demi Lovato showcases a new look that has every media outlet reporting that she is...

Sinead O'Connor #OneOfMillions

Sinead O'Connor delivers a personal compassionate mental health plea to her loved ones to rescue her from her two years solitude in New Jersey to return to Ireland. #OneOfMillions