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“RIOT! At The Disco” Emo Dance Party Returns to LA

By: Dave Afshar Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 06/02/2021 – Next Saturday, June 12th marks the return of RIOT! At The Disco, LA’s famed...

Austin Power – New Jandek DVD (Austin Tuesday)

  Austin Tuesday Corwood 0823 (DVD)   Filmed live at The Austin Library (Carver Branch) February 16, 2016 Reviewed by Dale Nickey:   “The Doves are calling and lifting their wings” Jandek...

Jandek Live at The Bootleg Theater 8/5/16

By Dale Nickey: He Returns... (LOS ANGELES, CA – August 5, 2016) - Nestled in the outer frontier of Downtown L.A.’s ever expanding tent community is The Bootleg Theater...