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Suzanne Somers Featured Guest at Kathryn Ford’s Champagne & Chic™ Celebrity Series Cocktail Party

By April Sellers

Los Angeles. CA (The Hollywood Times) 09/17/2021

An incredible experience was had by all who attended the first virtual, Champagne & Chic™ Celebrity Series Cocktail party hosted by Kathryn Ford, CEO of Excellence Institute. She was also joined by special guest, Dr. Brad Bongiovanni.

Kathryn Ford is a Celebrity Coach & Consultant and Women’s Empowerment Expert, who designs incredible next chapters for women who are ready to make the rest of their life, the best of their life. Her own personal story is one of tragedy to triumph! She is living proof that anyone truly can live a life of excellence, no matter what they have been through or are currently facing. She is also a “Woman of the Year” nominee for the Los Angeles Business Journal, and has been featured in mass media including television, newspaper, magazine, radio and the internet.

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni is a 2x TEDx speaker, Chief Wellbeing Officer for Wellbeing Science, LLC as well as media contributor to ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates on his expertise of the science and implementation of wellbeing. His foundational lessons of love, purpose and connection have significant biologic substantiation in the scientific literature, which he curates for research, writing, and educational opportunities weaving in their relevance to antidoting chronic dis-ease for both lay and professional audiences internationally.

Kathryn Ford, Suzanne Somers and Dr. Brad Bongiovanni

The party was filled with love and laughter right from the start. Following the mingling, Kathryn began taking attendees on a journey and activating their imagination. She shared, we are the only creatures on the planet with the gift of the imagination, and most people use it to frighten themselves. She activated the imagination of all those present into an expansive one, cultivating what they would love!

She asked those attending to first focus in on their major initiative: the one thing in your life, that if you could change it in the next 6 months to a year, would make the biggest difference. From there she invited attendees to shift their focus onto what we would love this area to look like. She explained we all have an inner pharmacy, which is kicking out chemicals based on our feelings. These are either toxic in nature or healthy chemicals, which every cell in our body is bathed in. This is a small taste of the pre-work to designing an incredible next chapter.


Suzanne turns 75 next month and loves that at this age one has acquired wisdom and essentially everything that happens to us that appears as a negative is our opportunity and can turn out to be our greatest advantage. What she loves at this age is being a teacher, and her thoughts are filled with gratitude all day long. She said, “They say that if you live your life in gratitude, it leaves little room for anything else. And that’s how I try to live my life.”

Kathryn then introduced the importance of gut health and how Suzanne’s Gut Renew changed her life. Suzanne explained how important gut health is to our immune system and especially right now during the pandemic.

Dr. Brad added the science to the discussion and focused on the intersection between the gut, which as a naturopathic Dr. from day one he learned that all disease and all health begins in the gut. He further explained the connection between the gut and stress and love as it relates to psychobiotics. They are specific strains of probiotics that activate the nervous system and have stress reducing, depression reducing and inflammation reducing effects. They actually influence the nervous system and Dr. Brad informed Suzanne that her Gut Renew had special strains of the psychobiotics. She was excited to learn this.

“It’s a privilege and a gift to live a long life, so every chapter is important.”  – Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers  www.suzannesomers.com

Kathryn Ford www.excellenceinstitute.com

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni. www.Drbradbongiovanni.com