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Sugarwish is a Seamless Solution for Virtual Gifting to Technology and Remote Workers: Loved by Top Corporations including Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 01/14/2020- Sugarwish is a female-owned business – an online candy and popcorn gift shop (and new delectable cookies) with the only business model that allows the recipient to choose the contents of their gift. The sender selects the size of the gift and provides the recipient’s email (can also send via text, Slack, or favorite messaging app). The recipient then chooses their favorites from the expansive treat selections. The beautifully packaged box (which can be customized with company logos, colors, etc.) is then delivered directly to the recipient’s door within days. We spoke to the Founders of Sugarwish Elisabeth Vezzani and Leslie Lyon.

You noticed a gap in the corporate gift market. Tell us about the launch of your brainchild Sugarwish:

Sugarwish started as a conversation about the lack of clever gifts.  We were convinced that there had to be a way to create a gift that was easy to give, fun to receive, and would be both thoughtful and unique.  Our conversation turned into a meeting, which led to more meetings, more ideas, and more enthusiasm around what we thought we could do. We knew that Sugarwish had huge potential and we both felt compelled to make it happen.

Sugarwish is particularly popular in the tech industry. Why? 

Not only has Sugarwish re-invented the way people gift (by putting the recipient in the driver’s seat), but it’s become an absolute game-changer for the corporate market. With so many people working from home and looking for ways to connect, the Sugarwish solution is a simple one that works perfectly for a wide range of situations and occasions.

Our popularity as a gift within the tech industry (and in many industries across the board), is likely due to the unique factors we have chosen to focus on. A fun and interactive experience for the recipient combined with our simplified buying process and a seamless and customizable corporate gifting platform makes Sugarwish hard to resist.

We have thousands of companies who use Sugarwish to motivate and congratulate their employees, thank their customers, and celebrate their partners each and every day. It takes just a minute to log on and send a super delicious, polished, and thoughtful Gift.

We’ve continued to upgrade our gifts by adding additional products and have recently started offering The Sugarwish Select which allows the recipient to first choose between candy, popcorn, and cookies and then pick their favorite treats.

Tell us about the eCard.

Sugarwish is a unique gift that starts as an eCard inviting the recipient to choose from an expansive selection of mouthwatering candy, cookie, and popcorn treats! The beautiful gift box filled with their yummy choices is shipped right to their door. Fun fact: In addition to email, a Sugarwish can be sent via text, Facebook, Snapchat, Slack – or any messaging app.

We are all about the gift experience and interactive selection process bringing the “kid in a candy store” experience to life allowing the receiver to pick their own treats or customize their own gift. The “choose your own” concept is the cornerstone of our brand – and this has definitely resonated with our customers. We will always offer happy, yummy, gifts with an abundant array of options. Sweet happiness. Delivered.

As we approach Valentines’ Day, feeling connected and staying motivated becomes increasingly important as remote work environments continue to be the norm. How is Sugarwish offering engaging marketing programs and fun ways to engage remote workers? 

Over the past year, in this new era of increased social isolation, it was especially important for people to find new ways to connect with colleagues and employees– virtually. Corporations re-envisioned the best ways to make solid and meaningful connections. We are delighted to be a part of that process for many businesses and were not surprised to see that our WFH (Work From Home Fuel) ecard was one of the most popular ecards sent in 2020.

Take us through the process. 

A Sugarwish is a gift that starts as an eCard and can be sent via email (or any messaging app). It invites the recipient to choose their favorites from Sugarwish’s expansive treat selections. A beautiful gift box, that is packed with their choices, is then delivered directly to the recipient’s door.

The magic of a Sugarwish is its ability to allow the recipient to choose exactly what they want to receive.

What is your recipe for sweet success? 

Sugarwish is in the Happiness business. It’s at the core of everything we’ve done and everything we’ll do in the future!

When we came up with the Sugarwish concept, we wanted to offer something that was celebratory and fun. We started with Candy as it is one of those things that makes people smile, and is something that just about everyone associates with happiness—it was the perfect fit.

We are continually developing ways to “up our game’, to make gifting even more delightful, more fun, and more memorable. We believe that our continual push to do more –and to make our gift even better plays a big part in our success.

What are customers saying?  You are rapidly expanding your Sugarwish Empire. Tell us about the new products in 2021. 

We have a lot of plans for 2021. We have been researching a few new products and will likely introduce at least 2 new ones in 2021. We don’t want to say too much, since we want to be sure we have a product that we can deliver before making any announcements. Stay tuned!

Website: www.sugarwish.com

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/sugarwishgirl

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sugarwish/

Twitter Handle: @sugarwishgirl