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Successful Entrepreneur LaeTania Richardson Wows Readers with New Book Love Saw It 

By Berry Dynamic

(The Hollywood Times) 5/18/23 – It’s been said that success is the best revenge, and this is undoubtedly true for entrepreneur LaeTania Richardson. After success in the business world, she is now wowing readers with her new book, “Love Saw It.” The book is a testament to Richardson’s incredible talent for storytelling, with an undeniable ability to captivate readers. 

Love Saw It is a fun-filled, dramatic love story that is easy to read. It’s set in the 90s with the main character (Kevin Peterson), a professional basketball player who falls in love at first sight. The book details events, landmarks, songs, and jargon. It draws readers in like a movie with unexpected twists and turns that take them on a journey. 

“The book offers a bit of escapism that appears to be happening in real life,” LaeTania said. “You won’t be able to put the book down because you’ll want to know what happens next.” 

The book has sparked a lot of emotions and discussion among readers worldwide as it is a story of love that resonates with all women. From the romantic encounters to the difficult choices, LaeTania has created a beautiful yet complex, 90s nostalgic love story with themes of morality, sacrifice, and commitment. Her unique perspective gives the readers an insight into the difficult decisions that come with loving someone. The well-developed and relatable characters make the story all the more powerful. 

“The rave reviews indicate how much readers are connecting with the story and how it is changing our perception of love,” LaeTania continued. “It has promoted meaningful conversations among women who can relate to the characters and identify with the plot.” 

About The Author 

LaeTania Richardson is a native of Philadelphia, P.A. Born to be a success, she symbolizes independence and power as a savvy businesswoman with over 18 years of owning and operating three businesses. She is a Desert Storm Army Veteran, an author, an avid traveler, and a print model who’s been featured in past episodes of the popular BRAVO franchise and season two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Her journey to entrepreneurship started in 2005, when she owned and operated Beauty Fetish Salon and Apothecary in Atlanta, Ga. She then took an opportunity to own and operate an Insurance Agency in Los Angeles, CA in 2011. The success of her agency has allowed her to follow her purpose and launch Hey Lady™, a fashion, travel, and business consulting platform founded during the pandemic in 2021. 

Richardson encourages others to reach their highest potential and always seeks creative solutions. An advocate for women, Hey Lady™ is a lifestyle brand that is changing the stigma of what women over forty look like. She also features phenomenal women over forty from diverse backgrounds in her Wine Down Wednesday series on YouTube. 


(Photo: Johnny Wild)