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Studio Movie Grill Offers a Luxe Cinema Experience

By Sophie Richardson 


Glendale, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/11/19 – The Studio Movie Grill is a fabulous new dine-in movie theater, located in the Glendale area of Los Angeles! I had the opportunity to enjoy a menu tasting and try out the new theater during a reception last week. 

The spacious modern building has a very fashionable lobby, gorgeous lighting, and luxurious furniture that was relaxing to sit in before for the movie. This full-service theater first opened in October 2019, and the new location is a very nice and fun place to go if you enjoy extraordinary entertainment. 

The only dine-in theater I’ve been to is the AMC dine-in Marina del Rey. In comparison to the AMC theater, the Studio Movie Grill was a closer drive from where I stay in KoreaTown LA, and gave off the impression of a unique and luxurious place to kick back and relax.  

Knives Out was the movie I picked when visiting this past Wednesday. My first choices were the Mr. Rogers movie (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood) or Knives Out.

I am always cold in theaters, but with cushioned, reclining, heated seats they kept me perfectly warm while seeing the two-hour movie. 

The Studio Movie Grill lives up to its name. With a stocked bar featuring a good variety of drinks and a full menu with meals and appetizers, there is no doubt that you’ll have a good time ordering snacks from your movie seat. 

Kids or adults can eat fresh flatbread, salad, jumbo wings, and juicy coconut shrimp. The customized burger and Gojuchang spicy-sweet Korean chicken wings that I ordered absolutely hit the spot. There are so many great things on the menu to eat while you sit back and watch your movie. Hot and cold drink holders make sure you enjoy your drink throughout the movie, and a tray is attached to the armchair to be pulled out to eat food or drink. 

Service is available per request via a service button on your movie theater seat, next to your drink holder. I will be recommending the theater to others so I can share this experience. I hope to return as soon as possible. After having spent quality time at their theater and tasted their yummy foods, I’ll certainly be a regular customer from now on. 

I’m so happy to know about the Studio Movie Grill, I highly recommend experiencing this new luxury theater. I’m very happy with my experience because of the excellent food quality, and I honestly can’t wait to try out more snacks and watch another fun movie in a cozy, heated seat.

Learn more about Studio Movie Grill in Glendale, and check movie times here.