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Steel Panther Makes Birmingham’s Iron City “Feel The Steel”

Lexxi Foxx and Satchel

By: Brian Maddox

Stix Zadinia

Birmingham, AL (The Hollywood Times) 05/29/2019 – Ahh, the wonderful 80’s. A period back when you could throw a rock and essentially hit a hair metal band in whichever direction you threw it. Teased hair laden with Aqua Net, tight spandex, cheesy ballads and sexual debauchery spoken of vicariously through your various “Cherry Pie” or your “Cum On Feel The Noize.”

Lexxi, Michael Starr and Satchel

It truly was nothing but a good time for the scores of bands and one hit wonders at the peak of their stardom, shortly before fading away like so many before and after. Keeping the essence of a bygone era alive is what Steel Panther has strived to do with their own deliciously raunchy style of 80’s hair metal.

Since forming in the early 2000’s under a couple of different monikers, Steel Panther has made a definitive name for themselves ever since releasing their debut album Feel The Steel in 2009.

Fronted by Ralph Saenz aka Michael Starr on vocals, Russ Parrish aka Satchel on guitars, Travis Haley aka Lexxi Foxx on bass, and Darren Leader, under the snicker inducing alias Stix Zadinia on drums, Steel Panther has dominated their fanbase with some of the dirtiest, depraved and delectable rock that has possibly ever been composed. Upon listening to songs such as Party All Day (F*ck All Night), Poontang Boomerang, Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) and Wasted Too Much Time, any fan of the 80’s hair metal scene will instantly “get it,” while also eliciting a series of hearty chuckles while headbanging.

Steel Panther has recently launched a headlining U.S. tour, with support from bands, True Villains and Wilson, while also playing their very first gig in Birmingham Alabama. From a musician/fan perspective, this sex, drugs and rock and roll coveting quartet is simply put, the quintessential embodiment of entertainment. Purely energetic, highly adept in their playing, riotous 80’s rock humor, and conceivably one of the best looking bass players ever in the hilariously vain Lexxi Foxx, complete with perfectly coiffed hair, multiple tubes of lip gloss and personalized hand held vanity mirror at the ready.

“It’s about how you look and not necessarily how you play. I make mistakes every night, but I don’t care; I just want to look bitchin’,” Lexxi Foxx said in a May 2015 Blabbermouth.net interview.

Before closing out the show, Satchel proudly tells the sold out Iron City crowd, “I’m not just saying this, but this is the best fucking crowd we’ve ever had in Birmingham.”

“This is the only time we’ve played in Birmingham,” says Lexxi, immediately met with a resounding “SHUT UP” from Satchel.

I can honestly attest here that in my many years of concert going, never have I laughed so hard while banging my head.