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Spiritual Growth in Studio A: Artbound Presents Low Leaf

Low Leaf is featured in the second episode of KCET’s music series ‘Artbound Presents Studio A’ premiering on Aug. 29.
Dexter Cohen/Courtesy of KCET

By Meg Taylor

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/29/17 –  “I want people who listen to my music to feel something new, to maybe get inspired to find their voice, their purpose for being on this Earth.” Low Leaf’s compelling appearance on tonight’s episode of ARTBOUND PRESENTS STUDIO A sheds light on spiritual growth of the individual through music and impact it has on the world. Her sound is unique; the tone of her voice as well as the use of a harp. She is naturally gifted and has been playing the harp since she was in the third grade.  Low Leaf did not have a teacher and just studies the harp alone to create her own sound. “I’m just exploring. I’m finding new things out about myself. So, it is very much intertwined with my spiritual growth. The more I become my true self, the more I’m finding my true sound on the harp as well.”

Low Leaf at Studio A

Low Leaf performs many pieces about nature and spiritual growth, all instrumentally enticing, beautiful and emotive. The set list consisted of “Space Foreva”, “It Is Within”, “Protons”, “Cleansing Incantation”, “Waves” and “Psychlez”. Along with the harp, the other instruments that contribute to her unforgettable performances are the piano, the guitar, the drums, bass and the flute. Every song has a different feeling that was not designed with a specific genre in mind. She feels it is better to write this way because “when you’re thinking about form, it’s really hard to be free. With genres, they are kind of just like borders but they don’t really exist. It’s all kind of just one musical spectrum.” This gives Low Leaf the opportunity to truly express herself in a way where she gets her message across without feeling regulated. Artists without borders make the most fluid, vulnerable and inspiring work.

Believing that world peace comes from within is the epicenter of a lot of her work. She believes that the best thing that a person could do is to cultivate themselves so that they could share the gift of their presence, work and art with the world. In Low Leaf’s eyes, this leads to a person “naturally will just be in rhythm with the universe.” Low Leaf’s musical universe is still expanding and it brings us much excitement to see how she’ll continue to evolve as an artist and be able to watch her journey as she continues to thrive. In the following weeks, we will see performances by Buyepongo and MILCK. ARTBOUND PRESENTS STUDIO A airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. PT on KCET in Southern California. All episodes will also be streamed online at Stay tuned!