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SOUL CIRCUS COWBOYS – Southern Rock/Country Rock

Band Members L-R: Ron ZeBron; James Caulk, Steven O'Reilly, Billy McKnight; Dewey Buxton (Photo: Michael McBee)

By Patty McCall

Treasure Island, Florida (The Hollywood Times) 05/31/2022

Soul Circus Cowboys performed six shows Memorial Week ending at Ricky T’s Treasure Island, FL.

It is no wonder this band is in high demand during Memorial Day Events with their hit song “I Stand” that stands for our Country’s Freedom.

Soul Circus Cowboy fan (Photo from Bands website)

THT:  What inspired the lyrics for “I Stand.”

Billy McKnight:  “I Stand” is an extremely special song for me. As most of us know the world too big, too fast, especially with technology.  America is built on family, trust, hard work and love of our country. We want to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice and we want to respect our country and it’s values.

THT: Who where your role models for music? What would you be interested in if not a singer/songwriter?

Billy McKnight: Although as a young child I sang with my mom and aunt who harmonized really well. I thought I was going to be a professional quarterback for the Buccaneers. I was a pretty darn good football player and love the game. It was heart breaking when I wasn’t able to go to college to be a football player. I started singing with a band right out of high school.

Ron ZeBron & Billy McKnight (Photo: Michael McBee)

I had so many role models mainly because my parents were so into music. I love to try to emulate and sing like Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley. I was blown away by Steve Perry of Journey, Fleetwood Mac and of course the Eagles.

THT: When did you know you were suppose to do this professionally?

Billy McKnight: Fortunately I was on Star Search, which back in the day was like an American Idol or The Voice today. After that show I felt confident that I could make it professionally.

Dewey Buxton and Billy McKnight (Photo: Michael McBee)

THT: Where did you grow up? Who are the band members? Who helped you start the band?

Billy McKnight: I grew up in Brandon Florida where I met singer/rhythm guitarist Dewey Buxton and we started Soul Circus Cowboys eleven years ago. Ron ZeBron, lead guitar/vocals, James Caulk, bass, Steven O’Reilly, drums.

Band Members L-R: Ron ZeBron; Steven O’Reilly; Billy McKnight (sitting);
James Caulk & Dewey Buxton (Photo: Michael McBee)

THT: What name bands have you opened for?

Billy McKnight: Big and Rich, Lo Cash, Joe Nichols, Jake Owen and the Outlaws.

THT: Where do you want to go from here?

Billy McKnight: We would love to tour and be an opening act. Eventually headlining our own stadium shows. Currently there is a promoter who is playing our music in Europe. If things go as planned at some point in 2023 we will do a tour over there.

THT: Are you working on any new projects?

Billy McKnight: We have 4 new songs written and two music videos being produced, Gator Girls and The Sunshine State. One  being released in June and  another one July.

Click here to download their album “Home Stretch”

Ricky Ts was packed with fans! Phyllis McCall came out with an American Flag for the “I Stand” song! Everyone stood to their feet with their hand over their heart for this song. It was an 80 degree evening but it gave me chills to see everyone honoring our heroes. Phyllis served 23 years in the Navy. She is also in charge of their merchandise booth.

Soul Circus Cowboys live on stage with Phyllis McCall holding the American Flag (Photo: Michael McBee)

Please follow Soul Circus Cowboys and download their music. Sure it will get your day going!

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Billy McKnight and THT Reporter
Patty McCall (Photo: James Johnson)