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By Kevin Dranoff

(The Hollywood Times) 3/8/21 – Artist Billy Roadz recently developed a media brand that has a knack for producing high-quality visuals.  Known for frequenting both New Jersey and North Carolina, Roadz has met and networked with a group of creatives, who are jumping off his platform and making noise in the entertainment field.

Roadz has been known to hold down a business-minded musical presence and be recognized for not taking any losses.  It’s no surprise to me that he is producing artists that stand out and have star quality.  Stand out to the point where they’re named “SoftWhite” and repping Alabama which is a recipe for success in the music industry.  Motivational speaker and entrepreneur GaryVee always says appreciate the opportunities we have gained from being a human because the odds of becoming one are 400 trillion to 1.  What are the odds of Roadz producing SoftWhite?  This is clearly something very special.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much youtube content yet from SoftWhite besides the music video for “Loyalty” but I’m sure it’s coming soon!  I’ve included a link below for you to watch the music video “Loyalty”.  Billy Roadz produced the video and now the rest of the world can discover this 20-year-old superstar in the making who makes me think of emerging artist Coi Leray with this video.  Totally different people but for me, they both do set a kool vibe.  If you have apple music you can check out her 5-track EP called you guessed it, “Loyalty”.

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5 Song EP “Loyalty” by SoftWhite


“Loyalty” music video by SoftWhite directed by Diamond District