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Skirt Club is an Upscale View of an All-Female World

By: Audrey Rock
Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 4/3/2018 – “90% of women are curious about other women” declares the front page of the Skirt Club website.
Sexy, smoky, moody, understated, and high-end. The site acts a harbinger of what’s to come. That is, if you’re accepted. Skirt Club offers sensual parties and events in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco; with a brand new chapter in Shanghai, and on opening April in Melbourne, Australia.

Skirt Club (Photo Victoria Dawe)

Members are all-female and strictly vetted by a Skirt Club committee headed by founder Genevieve LeJeune; since their motto is “Confidence: bedroom to boardroom.” It’s no surprise that Skirt’s members are highly accomplished.
On a chilly evening in February, deep in the center of downtown Los Angeles, a “Mini-Skirt” event was held at an undisclosed location, and THT was invited. New Skirt Club members were presented with a small token at the door—a sexy black ribbon with a tiny key attached to it, in order to identify them as new to the experience.
Skirt Club (Photo Victoria Dawe)

Shrouded under deep secrecy, which adds to the appeal of the experience, (women are even encouraged to use a pseudonym, and photography is prohibited) the rope bondage workshop, erotic fashion show, and art exhibition was brimming with overachiever.   Scientists, public figures, artists, public relations specialists, writers.
They were all there to check out a “softer” Skirt Club experience. It’s a sampling, designed to whet the appetites of intellectually refined women who may make a lifestyle of Skirt Club.
Skirt Club (Photo Victoria Dawe)

“From day one, it was important that Skirt Club cater to a sophisticated audience,” LeJeune told THT. “We find that women with a higher level of professionalism are much more able and willing to be discrete, which is critical for our members and their ability to enjoy being a part of the experience.”
What a sampling it was. The central activity was an impossibly sexy rope bondage workshop taught by a well-known world master in the art.   Her implementation was a devastating demonstration of how women can make a bedroom experience potent simply by drawing it out with suspense, grace, and a dash of mystery. LeJeune says it’s just that lack of male presence that allows women to behave in ways that allow for that kind of understated, yet explosively potent, sensuality. It’s also a chance for self-reflection.
“I have the pleasure of attending most of Skirt Club’s events, so I get to speak with members around the world at each one,” she said. “One sentiment I always hear everywhere is that our members enjoy the zero-male aspect of our events and that’s the principle reason they attend! I have always observed how women behave differently when men are not around. Its important women recognize this and analyze why.”
Skirt Club (Photo Victoria Dawe)

It’s not for lack of trying that men don’t find their way into Skirt Club events. But LeJeune says Skirt Club will remain it’s own distinct entity—different even from other all-girl clubs around the world. And it is wildly successful at that.
“What we are is the first and only club exclusively for women where they can express themselves sexually without judgment,” stated LeJeune. “The majority of our members are women looking to explore their bi-curiosity either cerebrally or physically with other women of the same ilk, and we don’t necessarily care to put a sexual label on who they are or will be.”
Skirt Club isn’t getting any smaller anytime soon. The Australia chapter opens this Thursday. Saturday, Skirt Club hosts in Los Angeles at a downtown penthouse loft undisclosed to anyone but those invited through membership. It’s tantalizingly named “Velvet Rope”, and it’s a Japanese themed soirée, complete with Shibari (means “to tie” in Japanese) rope bondage lessons, champagne, cocktails, and successful Los Angeles women between the ages of 21 and 49. Dress is “gracefully restrained,” and of course, the guest list is closed.
Skirt Club(Photo Victoria Dawe)

If you’re one of the “curious” 90%, and have passed the rigorous vetting process, maybe you’ll be there, too—just remember not to leave any notions of masculine sexuality behind. This is an all-women’s world.

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