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Skincare experts The Naven Twins, aka Kymber & Lexy McClay, have had enormous success with their natural beauty line KOA LIFE

Skincare experts The Naven Twins, aka Kymber & Lexy McClay, have had enormous success with their natural beauty line, KOA LIFE. Recently launching on the social conscious platform, Flip, the brand was created after the endless struggles the fempreuners faced with adult acne, rosacea and psoriasis.

Kymber, a beauty guru and designer, alongside her biohacker twin sister, combined their areas of expertise to produce a line of products that were better engineered to address their skin issues. “When we hit our 30’s, all those hormone changes caused absolute problem skin,” the twins explained in a Flip post.

KOA LIFE is chemical-free, and instead, focuses on nutrient-filled formulas and bio-active ingredients. Their vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free formulas target five skin problems, including acne, anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, and dry skin.

“Perfect skin starts with clean skin,” Kymber and Lexy enthused. The twins wholeheartedly believe in the potent natural healing power of their formulas.

To get a better idea of their products, you can find Kymber’s video Flip on their Fountain of Youth Facial Oil. This anti-aging item is full of natural ingredients, resulting in hydrated, glowing skin. In addition, the oil works to heal and brighten the skin using medicinal plant extracts. Other noteworthy ingredients include Vitamin E, Jasmine Essential, and Frankincense Essential Oil.

Koa Life uses Vitamin C as the primary ingredient in many of their products. Their best-selling Vitamin C Brightening Foaming Cleanser works to purify, cleanse, and brighten the skin while diminishing hyper-pigmentation and evening out skin tone. A crucial component, D-Panthenol, enhances skin texture by restoring damage and boosting hydration.

Another concept The Naven Twins believe in? Charity work and giving back. In a mission to help other women get their glow back the same way they did, they partnered with Girl Fund, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for girls by supporting educational projects, providing legal protection as well as healthcare, and access to training and job skills.

KOA LIFE’s nutrient-dense products make it a favorite among those facing skin issues and those who prefer a more natural remedy. To learn more about the brand or the twins’ skin journey, sign up for the Flip App. You’ll get to access personal and authentic reviews and purchase Naven x KOA LIFE directly through the app.

Flip has attracted numerous beauty brands, as they can launch new products directly to consumers. With gratis product seeding, reviews, feedback from customers, and the ability for consumers to do their own reviews and to share more info on a product with their audience, the company’s direct connection with customers creates an emotional attachment with brands that is not possible via traditional e-commerce.

Flip also holds live events and giveaways to drive awareness and sales, making their website/app an intriguing retail and marketing partner to ensure greater brand awareness which couldn’t be possible on other e-commerce platforms or Amazon.