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Shrill Lives Up to its Title: In a Good Way

Elizabeth Banks & Aidy Bryant Talk 'Shrill' at TCA Tour 2019!

By Valerie Milano

Pasadena, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/14/19 – Aidy Bryant represents the best of modern womanhood. She’s taken ownership of her full figure, her womanhood, her comedic career, and her feminism, and made clearly defined positives of grossly unfair cultural biases surrounding each of these classifications.

In Shrill, Bryant plays professional writer Annie, who is based in Portland, Oregon. In something of a rut, editing listings in an alt publication, cowering under the tyranny of a perfectionist boss, and dating what can only be described as a verbally abusive jerk of a boyfriend, Annie has become clearly dejected by her situation.

Hulu Panel – Winter TCA 2019

Make sure your Hulu subscription has been updated. Because what follows, starting on Friday, is a mostly straightforward, comedic romp through the funny, the sad, the smart, the dumb, and the inspiring.  So…basically, everybody’s life.

Based on the memoir Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman, the show can best be described as both a process, and a discovery.  Bryant’s performance is brave yet unassuming—her character is shy, and who can blame her, given her marginalization in society on so many fronts?

Shrill’s Aidy Bryant at the pool

When Annie attends a pool party designed expressly to celebrate the beauty and joy of full figured women, she can’t hide her irrepressible joy at what she’s witnessing. It’s an emotion that carries to her audience.  And it’s what makes the show truly worthy of your time and energy.

The show premiered at SXSW early this March, and its 6 episode run will be unveiled Friday. We challenge you not to sit through all 6 of them in one binge-sitting. We bet you won’t be able to. Because against all odds, Annie’s all-encompassing journey to a place of self acceptance and even self love, while painful, is also something you can’t really look away from. Its humanity, it’s cleverness, it’s joy, is too much to ignore.

How Aidy Bryant’s New Hulu Comedy Series ‘Shrill’ Tackles Abortion

Comedy, 30 minutes per episode.  6 episodes available starting Friday, March 15th via subscription service Hulu.

Learn more about the program at the official Shrill site: https://www.hulu.com/series/shrill