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Hey Jennifer Lawrence, did you actually read the script before you agreed to do this film? Same question for Javier Bardem. If this had been your first film, I’d give you a pass.

And Darren Aronofsky? I am so disappointed in you! This is not good writing and directing. This was horrific. Supposedly a horror film? Fortunately I did not see this at the theater so I didn’t waste my money, I only wasted my time.

From Wikipedia: “In a house recently burned by fire, Him, an acclaimed poet struggling with severe writer’s block, places a crystal object on a pedestal. The house then suddenly morphs to look newly renovated. In bed, Mother wakes up, wondering aloud where Him is. She starts seeing things around the house that unsettle her, including visualizing a beating heart within the walls.” This is where I should have just stopped, not understanding what the heck was going on in this so very slow moving opening.

How anyone can even GET through the first five minutes is beyond me. My take is that this story begins in a very dark house with a childless couple whose female counterpart seems to be afraid to be alone. The husband is a writer and seems to need inspiration. It’s not even remotely believable that these people are married. It’s believable that they’re ACTING because it’s very BAD acting in my opinion.

The story all takes place pretty much inside the house where the walls show visions to the wife ( aka mother! ) when she touches the wall. She’s easily frightened. She’s very careful with her dishes and furniture and other supposedly fragile things in the house. It all seems very fake. When “guests” begin to arrive that have not been invited and then the husband invites them to stay as long as they want, without even knowing who these people are, she goes crazy. (Wouldn’t you?) Yet she cannot seem to get them to leave her home.

The female character is crazy to stay with this man even though he doesn’t seem to love her. And then he does. And then he doesn’t. It’s all very confusing. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, especially Jennifer Lawrence fans. It’s very disappointing.

I give it a .5 for the special effects and the extras casting. 0 for everything else.

Ugh. Don’t waste your time.

Ché Zuro
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