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Shawna Barbeau- Top Female Celebrity Real Estate Agent in LA

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 4/26/2021 –   Shawna Barbeau is a celebrity realtor located in Southern California. She also runs a successful Airbnb coaching business. She is known throughout Los Angeles as the top female celebrity real estate agent making a name for herself in the entertainment industry due to her long list of successful deals with high-profile clients.

You are well known as a celebrity realtor. What do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy getting to know my clients outside of the public eye. I enjoy that, no day is ever the same.

What does it take to be successful in high-end real estate? 

To be successful in anything you have to be consistent. Most times a home purchase is the largest purchase in a client’s life, so not getting discouraged after touring 95 homes is vital to your success. With high-end clients, privacy and secrecy are required at all times, but my most important tool is relationship building. You are only as successful as your sphere of influence.

Do you have a favorite home sold? 

I do not have a favorite home sold, I honestly fall in love with so many so it’s hard to single out one. I have favorite things about each home I sell. I find favorite attributes from each home.

(Photo: Aaron Tyler Photography)

What are the hottest neighborhoods for celebs?

That’s kind of a secret but the most exclusive neighborhoods are Brentwood, Hidden Hills, and Pacific Palisades.

What advice do you have for celebs who recently moved from the East Coast to the West Coast? 

I always tell my clients who move from the East Coast to understand that in California you are not necessarily paying for the size of your lot and home, you’re paying for the zip code you choose to buy in and this beautiful sunny Cali weather. The weather, vibe, and opportunity that California offers, you can not find anywhere in the world.

You run a hugely successful Airbnb coaching business. Tell us more. 

I do! I was blessed to have the opportunity to invest in short-term rentals in 2019. Airbnb changed the way we all choose our vacation stay. This is an industry that expands worldwide and will only continue to grow and create wealth. When the pandemic happened, Airbnb took a huge hit because travel was restricted and there were record numbers in cancellations and chargebacks. My course teaches you how I was able to thrive through these tough times and stay completely booked. There are so many avenues in short-term rentals, finding your niche and staying consistent is vital.

Why is it important for you to work with women entrepreneurs? 

I didn’t grow up with strong female role models and had to make a lot of mistakes through my journey of discovering my own path. I think it’s important for girls to have a strong and positive female role model to look up to and be empowered by to follow any dream you have. It’s important for me to work with female entrepreneurs and showcase powerful women so that the little girl on Instagram or watching TV sees hope, how powerful she is, and that other women are not your competition but your partners.

(Photo:  @ambitious_angelo)

Tell us about your work as an Ambassador for YM CBD. 

CBD is such a wonderful natural supplement that has so many healing components for our bodies. It’s important to only use products from a company that understands quality and only produces the best and that stands behind their name. I love, love, love YM products. I use all their CBD products and trust them with my body, so being an ambassador for them came naturally. I wouldn’t represent something I wouldn’t put in my own body.

Why are you so passionate about it? 

I’m passionate about CBD because my daughter is an athlete who had a bad injury years ago. Our sports medicine doctor introduced us to CBD and it has literally changed our lives. The healing properties are unbelievable, and it’s an all-natural supplement that gives your body tools to naturally heal itself.

We heard you had a very extraordinary birthday celebration event in LA called The “Greatest” Great Gatsby. Happy birthday! Can you tell us how that was?

It was a private event on an estate with a gourmet chef who prepared delicious courses for me and my guests. My birthday theme was The “Greatest” Great Gatsby and I loved seeing everyone dress up. The video is posted on my IG page, it was such a beautiful experience!

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