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Sharon Spencer, Poet, Breast Cancer Survivor, and Amputee-Inspires Globally 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 4/17/2021 –  Sharon Spencer is a poet, breast cancer survivor, and employee at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

In February of 2006, she had a hysterectomy (due to fibroids). As she approached 40 her doctor suggested that she have her first mammogram. To her surprise she was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer. In December of 2006 she had a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy in February of 2007. She lost her hair and developed a hernia and pneumonia. In 2008, she was in a terrible car accident and as a result she lost her right leg above the knee. After 22 surgeries and prayers she learned to walk again. She is a motivational speaker and also writes poetry. Her passion is to launch motivational and inspiring cards for cancer survivors and amputees, based upon her poems. She is seeking an investor.

Sharon, Take us back when you realized that you may have cancer?

I was shocked and devastated. I could not understand how I got diagnosed at 39 and nobody in my family ever had breast cancer. I struggled with so many emotions which I have written about in my poem called treatment.

My cancer was hormonal. I now realize that there are so many different cancers which I did not know prior to my cancer. I now know that it was all part of GOD’S plan for my life. To whom much is given much is required. July 26th 2008 changed my life. I woke up with one leg after visiting with a girl two weeks prior to that day who lost her leg! Devastation, shock, hurt , and pain are all emotions that you experience when you lose a limb. I wrote a poem for other amputees called amputees lose to win and I pray that it helps others with the loss of their limbs.

Tell us about the day that changed everything for you. 

The two most difficult parts of telling my story is when I came home after my first treatment. I was so sick that I wanted to die and when I washed my hair it came off of my scalp like a hat. The second thing was looking down and seeing my leg gone. I felt like I was having a bad dream and when I had the interview with Barry and Jamal the writer of the movie I felt tears coming in my eyes. Going back to those places can be hard and I know that when I see it in the movie it will spark all of those emotions. I am also aware that it is part of the process.

What lessons have you learned? 

Sharon Spencer

I have learned so many lessons. My first lesson is to trust GOD. I can do nothing without him and he gets all the praise out of this. I have learned about true friends. I have lost a lot but I have gained so much more. I love who I am now. Who I have become. I have helped so many and I intend to help so many more. Out of my pain has come my purpose and I am pretty proud of that.

I have always known that I was going to do something big .I just did not know what it was. GOD had a big assignment for me and I can honestly say that I humbly accept my assignment. I want to make my family proud and I want to help others through my poetry and my story. GOD has prepared me and yes this is the time.

What are your dreams? 

One of my biggest dreams is hosting a fashion show for young amputees for their self-esteem. The world will let them know that they are different so I want them to know that it is not the end of the world and that they are more than just their limbs. I always loved fashion and I still keep it together. I often look at the little girls and teenage amputees and I know the struggles that they will face as an amputee so it is very important for me to throw this fashion show. I want Rhianna the R&B singer to help me since she throws fashion shows for plus size and disabled. It will be called fashion for legs. I also wrote a poem about self esteem called skin deep and that will help women with self esteem issues. Today body image is taking over and I want them to look inside and love their inner self. I am so proud to be able to honestly say that I love me. I want them to look inside and love their inner self. I am so proud to be able to honestly say that I love me. The whole entire me.

Tell us about your poems and your dream of owning a card company. 

My poems are very unique. I lived every single line that I wrote in the cancer poem as well as the amputee poem. I know that there is a need for each one and every time I recite the poems people ask me where they can purchase one. My dream is to have my poems transformed into cards to sell to wounded warriors, hospitals, cancer centers, and even used in commercials. I know that GOD put those words and dreams into me for this purpose. Creating my cards will help others going through. There is a huge market of cancer patients and amputees.

An excerpt of Sharon’s poem. 
When you hear the word “Cancer”, it makes you so sad ~ some panic, some fight, but most people get mad.
You struggle with feelings that you’ve never had, but treatment is available, so aren’t you glad?
Oh the red devil chemo that makes you so ill ~ the fevers, the colds, that leave you with chills.
And oh don’t forget ~ the loss of the hair! That is the thing that most women fear~ and telling your family while hiding your fears.
The feeling of sadness~ the fight, the tears ~
This time next year where will I be?
Sharon Spencer

When I was sick and in the hospital I received so many cards however none of the cards described how I was feeling. Cards are personal. My cards describe how you feel from the beginning, middle and at the end of the journey. I am proud of my cards and I want to help others through my poetry. Both life changing experiences have shown me that life is precious and that GOD had a big assignment for me and this is a big part of my assignment. I get healing while helping others. I am currently looking for a distributor for my cards.

How can we reach you?

Resilient cards@instagram and olivemysun@gmail.com