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Secret Room Events brings good looks, good eats, and good times to the 2018 Golden Globes

Sharon Bissonette – Better Than Average, LLC (jellies and jams)

By  Nathan Wildes

Photos by THT

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/6/17 – The gifting suite for the 2018 Golden Globe Awards featured fashion, fun, and food that will be shared with the presenters and nominees this year.  A visit to the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills where Secret Room Events hosted the gifting suite offered a glimpse into the cutting-edge beauty secrets of 2018 led by Platinum Sponsor Clayton Shagal.  The Canadian skin care line presented numerous pure collagen products indicative of the 35 years of excellence the brand has represented. 

“Mama” Amberlee Taylor – Mama Taylor’s Treats

Acera, pioneering designer of ceramic travel tumblers based in Taiwan shared the Platinum Sponsor honors with a great display of products that offer traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship in a modern form.  These ceramic tumblers offer unique health benefits while providing a chic-yet-functional accessory for the on-the-go professional.

Everything from top fashion purses and shoulder bags that double as wine dispensers (not joking) to popcorn on a level that would make Guy Fieri stand up and take notice, to a book for taking your party planning to new heights could be found among the few dozen other “gifters”.  Marisa, creator of the amazing Porto Vino Wine Purse, has found the perfect way to make the 21st century woman the life of the party – wherever she wants that party to be.  Capable of holding up to 2 bottles worth of wine (or other liquids), this secret party in a bag spares no quality in both fashion and function as a perfectly well-designed purse (or satchel for men) that merely adds this extra-special feature.

Brett Striker of Maddy&Maize with guest

The Golden Globe-rs will also be snacking to their hearts’ delight once they finish their evening meal at the Beverly Hilton Sunday evening.  Their palette-delights will begin with Maddy & Maize.  This popcorn company, started by founder Brett Striker 2 years ago in Minnesota is now based in LA.  With flavors like Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake and Bourbon & Barbecue, Striker combines a gourmet bakery, bar and grill, and restaurant into this “all-American food” as coined by his aunt and PR assistant Ellyn Wolfenson.  This popcorn can then be balanced out by refreshing frozen fruit bars from So Fruitty that take great pride in creating these bars out of pure hand-cut fruit.  Finally, for dessert, the Hollywood elite will enjoy some delectable fudge from Mama Taylor.  That’s “Mama” Amberlee Taylor, owner of Mama Taylor’s Treats, who makes a wide variety of delightful fudge treats that dare you to eat just one.

Mama Taylor’s Treats

A few hearty New Englanders managed to escape the “bomb” in time to make it to sunny Southern California and share their creations.  Sharon Bissonette, from New Hampshire, presented Better Than Average jellies and jams from home-made recipes featuring Sangria and Rose (ros-A), while Connecticut-based Tick Key offers a great little product for the actor, director, etc. who plans to be on-location in the wilderness somewhere and need to protect themselves.

Cardboard Queen

Among the best photo-ops was the cardboard Queen Elizabeth brought along by the Slageter sisters as emblematic of their new book called Sophistication is Overrated that is determined to help you plan the greatest party ever while making you laugh all the way through.  Meanwhile topping off all the great giveaways were tennis-lesson gift cards from Beverly Hills Tennis Academy, stays and wine-tastings from Wine Country Media, and on-site beauty treatments.

Here’s a list of the many other sponsors for 2018:


Studio 67

GoGo Squeeze

Passion Planner


Studio 67

Kesha Coniglio – Studio 67


Vitolo Jewelry Artisans

Gelish Soak off gel polish – Morgan Taylor

Sweet Whispers LLC

EXOTICS by Cedrick M


Mabel Chong


Clayton Shagal Booth display

i Candy Eye Salon



Photobooth 90210

Nirvana Natural Spring Water

Frank Rotman – Author, The Festive Frolics of Panda and Owl

Jody Rotman – Founder & CEO, Nestiny

Porto Vino bags.


Boyer Clothing, clothing for children