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Season Two Finale of E!’s Hit Series, Very Cavallari, Airs This Sunday, May 12th at 10:00p ET/PT and 9p C

Very Cavallari Episode 210 “Nothing’s Set in Stone” Description:  In the season finale of Very Cavallari, Kristin is thrown into the middle of Brittainy and Reagan’s intensifying feud. Jay takes the next step toward a new venture with a business of his own. Stone pushes for commitment from Brittainy, but she spirals at the thought of adding marriage to her plate.

 Very Cavallari Season Two DescriptionWith music city as its backdrop, “Very Cavallari” continues to give fans an exclusive look inside the life of celebrity entrepreneur, reality superstar, and lifestyle tastemaker, Kristin Cavallari, as she juggles her roles as boss, businesswoman, wife, mom, and friend. This season, Kristin’s life in Nashville hasn’t gotten any less crazy (or entertaining).  Kristin and her husband, former professional football player, Jay Cutler, have now moved to a farm one hour outside of town.  Still retired, Jay is living his “best life” as he juggles the roles of househusband, groundskeeper, and chicken wrangler.  Kristin’s adjustment hasn’t been as smooth, as her friendships and burgeoning lifestyle brand continue to pull her away from the “quiet life.”  Sales for her Uncommon James brand have exploded since she opened her store, and her staff has grown from 5 to 50 almost overnight. This rapid growth has brought with it plenty of drama as her staff struggles to keep pace with the business, and Kristin is quickly discovering that she’s going to have to make some major changes. 


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