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Scrumptious Mother’s Day brunch recipes to delight any mom

We have the perfect menu for a Mother’s Day brunch — let Mom relax and indulge on Sunday! Here’s to moms!

1. Apple Buckwheat Cake

Zoe Nathan may be the most accomplished baker/restaurateur in Los Angeles. Her cookbook “Huckleberry” is a collection of some of her favorite brunch recipes, including this delicious (and somewhat healthful!) cake. Enjoy it as is, or if you’re facing sweet tooths, add whipped cream! Find the recipe here.

2. Gluten-Free Waffles

This recipe, from America’s Test Kitchen, creates Belgian waffles out of a mix of gluten-free ingredients. Have at it! Find the recipe here.

3. Brioche French Toast

The key to making extraordinary French toast is to cook it in a hot skillet so that both sides are crisp and nicely browned but the inside remains soft and tender. If you are doubling or tripling this recipe, set a plate in a 200°F oven and move the French toast to the plate to keep warm while you cook the other slices. Find the recipe here.

4. Grapefruit and Blood Orange Compote

Compote is a lot like jam, but it’s quicker to make and a little less precise. The recipe can be easily modified to include just about any fruit you like. Typically there are both dried fruits and fresh fruits, cooked together in spiced syrup. This compote is wonderful spooned over a stack of French toast or pancakes, or stirred into a simple bowl of oatmeal. Find the recipe here.

5. Pork and Sage Breakfast Sausages

If you like breakfast sausage and you like bacon, why not mix them together? Find the recipe here.

6. Smoked Salmon Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast is a guilty treat (and one of life’s greatest pleasures). Cook’s Country smarts it up with this grown-up version. Find the recipe here.

7. Citrus Salad with Ginger Honey

A medley of citrus stars in this vibrant fruit salad, enhanced with just a drizzle of sweet ginger honey and a sprinkle of mint and lime. The combination of citrus in the recipe is simply a suggestion; feel free to use what’s available at your farmers’ market or growing in your neighborhood. Find the recipe here.