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Screaming O Exceeds Industry Standards with Voluntary Materials Testing of Award-Winning Toys

Screaming O Exceeds Industry Standards with Voluntary Materials Testing of Award-Winning Toys
(Los Angeles, CA / September 24, 2019) — Screaming O, an award-winning provider of adult novelties and pleasure products, announced that the company has completed its latest round of materials testing in compliance with the Consumer Public Safety Improvement Act.
“All materials have once again passed with flying colors,” said a Screaming O representative of the voluntary independent lab testing that identifies and detects their quality toys’ chemical makeup – assuring customers that there are no hazardous or toxic components to compromise customer safety.
The Independent Materials Verification and Testing Initiative, which the company conducts twice-yearly alongside new product launches, is a deliberate action to ‘self-regulate’ products that are not currently measured by law in order to maintain customer/client transparency about the safety of Screaming O’s products.
“In 2015, we partnered with SGS | Polymer Solutions, and independent FDA accredited lab, to develop a testing panel that closely mimics that of the Consumer Product Safety and Information Act,” added the company rep. “All of our new products go through this testing process to ensure there are no harmful substances found in the materials we use.”
Each of Screaming O’s novelties are meticulously tested to verify the products’ claims that no hazardous elements or toxic substances are present in order for consumers to enjoy them without worry, fulfilling its promise to provide body-positive, sex-enhancing products that are safe to use without worry.
To learn more about Screaming O’s materials testing program or its product line visit ScreamingO.com/blog/screaming-o-completes-semi-annual-material-testing.
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Founded in 2005, Screaming O® products are reinventing the way men and women build intimacy by revolutionizing the concept of sex toys and proudly promoting a sex-positive message with a modern approach.
Since the launch of its wildly-popular Vibrating Ring, Screaming O has created countless award-winning toys for men, women and couples utilizing the ‘O’ theme, including the Big O, O Boy, O Man®, O Wow®, O Yeah, O gee®, O Honey, FingO®, LingO®, RingO, and the Vooom!, True Silicone, ColorPop, Charged and PrimO collection of intimacy products.
Screaming O toys have been featured in such media outlets as Women’s Health, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Dot, CBS’s The Doctors and many more, and have been recognized for its product designs, marketing, packaging and best business practices with several industry and mainstream accolades, including Best Product, Company of the Year and #1 Seller for Sex Toys. Visit ScreamingO.com to learn more.