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Scoot Over Cotton: Introducing Bamboo Underwear

Elisabeth Rioux and model Jay Alvarez

By Meg Taylor

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/12/18 – Hoaka Swimwear owner Elisabeth Rioux announced the launch of her new brand Bamboo Underwear in hopes to redefine the world of comfort in the underwear market.


“We wanted to have a name that means something in the fashion [industry],” said President of Bamboo Underwear, Mathieu Landry-Girouard. “Bamboo was the perfect fit and we use bamboo as the main fabric in all our products.”

Officially launched Aug. 09, Bamboo Underwear’s fabric contains unique properties such as being four times softer than cotton and allergen free while providing a cooling effect. The production was a long process because the bamboo fabric is not as easy as other materials to work with. However, after extensive research, the team finally got the formula down, resulting in the perfect fit for their line.


“Our mission is to challenge your senses by offering you premium underwear that stick to your skin and mind,” the team stated on their website. “Bamboo makes you rediscover the luxury of the pure comfort.”

This premium underwear brand takes pride in its affordable price point. Mens underwear ranges from $32 for a single pair to $75 for a 3-pack. Womens bras retail for $31, the underwear at $22, and leggings at $70; bra and underwear sets run for $42. The styles for women include bras, sports bras, briefs, and thong panties. There is a variety of colors for both men and women including black, grey, green, blue and pink.

“For 2019, we’re working on a new color and new model,” Landry-Girouard said. “We’re also working on a break truth project. We will be the first company in the underwear market to launch something new. Never done before.”

Along with partners Girouard, Jules Marcoux and Phillipe Oullelet-Thivierge, Rioux is ecstatic about the accomplishment of Bamboo.


“I really love the bra and thong set,” said Rioux. “We have created the most comfortable underwear on the market.”

To learn more about this innovative brand and to purchase your Bamboo Underwear, head over to Make sure to check out their sales for the holiday season and stay up to date with new releases by following their Instagram: