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Savannah Guthrie has a clever fashion hack involving chip clips

By: Chrissy Callahan

Part of being a journalist is thinking fast on your feet, and it’s a skill that Savannah Guthrie has mastered, even when it comes to her wardrobe.

The TODAY co-anchor recently sought the help of The Home Edit’s organizing pros to whip her kitchen and pantry into shape and she shows off the gorgeous results in the upcoming issue of The Home Edit magazine.

While posing for a photo shoot for the magazine, Savannah ran into a bit of a fashion dilemma and she quickly came up with a clever solution.

“I was wearing this dress I’ve had for a lot of years. I think I wore it when I was pregnant, so it was an old dress and too big for the shoot,” she explained on Tuesday while chatting with Hoda Kotb and The Home Edit co-founder Clea Shearer. “So then (the crew was) like, ‘That dress is sort of dumpy.’”

Savannah just so happened to love the yellow frock and pitched a solution to the team.

“I’m like, ‘You know, we need to tighten it up. We’ll just put some chip clips (on it), which you guys had helpfully organized so I knew just where to find those potato chip clips. And that’s how we did it,” she revealed.

Hoda was amused by the story and said, “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”

The Home Edit team focused on Savannah’s kitchen and pantry and Shearer said they had a blast working on the project.

“Our team was so excited to create a hub for the family and turn her already gorgeous apartment just that much up,” she said.

Hoda was curious to know how hard the project was and joked, “Don’t try to make her feel good.”

“An army came,” Savannah said, poking fun at herself.

“No, Savannah’s actually pretty well organized already, so it’s never hard. This is the second time we’ve organized for Savannah and it’s always a pleasure,” Shearer said.

“So it took two times? Ok good, just making sure we’ve got it clear,” Hoda joked and the trio laughed.