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Ross Smith and his Grammy Celebrate Life

With Halloween just wrapped up and the end of the year holidays approaching, Ross Smith and his “Gangster Granny” are poised to celebrate the season AND Granny’s successful fight against cancer the same way they do everything else: together, through comedy.

The pair have always delighted their 73 million followers worldwide with their Halloween ideas, from the hilariously scandalous to a sassily slippered Cinderella, but this year’s get-up will ring truer to their mission to spark laughter in all circumstances, given how recently 96-year-old Granny was diagnosed with cancer and how quickly she beat it (with a smile on her face)!

The dynamic duo will be dressing as LLOYD and HARRY from Dumb and Dumber – and turning a van into a sheep dog!

How did you and granny first get started on social media? What inspired you to do it?

Our career as content creators really started about a decade ago when I started making funny videos for Vine while playing college football at the University of Dayton. People seemed to generally like my style, but the videos that featured my grandmother resonated on a whole different level. My grandmother has so much perspective and positivity to offer that I couldn’t help but make her a huge part of the content I create to make people laugh and smile. She’s had an incredible life as a hardworking family woman. Gran has been through a lot, but her inherent joy and love of life is what shines through most and gives our content its real heartbeat. I love making people smile and laugh, but seeing how much Granny inspires people and makes their day when we meet them in person is what keeps me motivated to keep going – for myself, for our audience, but mostly, for her.

Have you both always been funny?

My entire life, I have always been a goofy guy. Gran’s husband (Ross’ Grandfather) was the comedian in the relationship, but when he passed she came into her goofy side. This happened around her late 70s!

Your videos are hilarious. How do you get your ideas?

Ross Smith and Gangster Granny (Photo: Ross Smith Instagram)

Inspiration typically comes from my internal thoughts. When I’m not on my phone, I see things in a different light. I have an eye for content in this way. For example, I saw Granny holding balloons one time and immediately thought of content we could shoot with Granny for Up. I also came up with this year’s Halloween costume in a similar way: I saw the van in our driveway and my mind immediately went to dumb and dumber.

Do fans recognize you when you are around town?

Yes, we do and we’re incredibly thankful. Gran’s favorite part about doing videos is meeting the awesome people that follow along with our content. This month we went to a pumpkin festival in the pumpkin patch and around a thousand people came up to us.

Gangster Granny at Pumpkin Patch (Photo: Ross Smith Instagram)

What do you love about Halloween?

I do. It’s the one time of year I feel like I fit in with everyone. Halloween is all about people being goofy and creative, which is how I am all the time. It feels more socially acceptable to do things that are unique during this time.

Granny, how are you feeling?

She is doing a lot better, thank you for asking!

What’s still on both of your bucket lists to do together, for Halloween or anytime of year?

Gran wants to learn to drive. I want to get Granny travelling again. That’s where some of our best content comes from!