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Ronald McDonald House Benefit Oscar Viewing Party 2019 Beverly Hilton Hotel

It's an Oscar®

By Cheri Fox

Photos by Cheri Fox

This Oscar® night February 24, 2019 there is a new Oscar® Soiree on the map, celebrities packed the Beverly Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom to Benefit The Ronald McDonald Foundation.

Over 500 guests attended, industry producers, studio executives, celebrities and VIPs including Philip Righter, Rich King, Jeff Rice, Several celebrities including the Stevie Wonder, Blair Underwood, Steven Bauer and many more that privately attended with family and friends for the biggest night in Hollywood’s Viewing Party Charity Soiree.

Thousands of dollars were raised for the Ronald McDonald Foundation auctions of famous memorabilia and art work were taking place during the end of the Oscar® viewing.

Amorosa in Oscar® Gold

The Oscar® viewing party was a very elegant classy event, the food was tasty and the guests were dressed in Beverly Hills Designer gowns. The Oscar® event has grown since last year at the Waldorf Astoria. This year the attendance nearly tripled to over 500 guests. W1 Wardour Studios and W1Platform The Hollywood Blockchain, Advent Entertainment, Hollywood Tribute, and Charmaine Blake Oscar® viewing dinner to Benefit the Ronald McDonald House at the Beverly Hilton Grand Ballroom event.

A formal four course dinner was served during the Oscars show, soup , salad and choice of Chicken or Salmon was available and wine both cabernet and chardonnay served. The dessert was a delicious ice cream cake between chocolate graham crackers.

The champagne kept flowing over to the tables, and the event included a complimentary open bar after party a friendly bar with full stock kept the Oscar® night flowing in celebration. Guests were entertained with the Oscar® show and then the after party festivities began.

Steven Nia (2nd from Right) and Ben Butler with Cheri Fox, THT reporter (2nd from left)

A beachwear fashion show by Paris Hilton design company completed the viewing experience, with gorgeous bikini models showcasing the new spring 2019 line. This year cannabis has made its way to the mainstream hollywood gifting and a private cannabis gift bar including CANNDESCENT California Vape Beautifully pens and cartridges were gifted www.canndescent.com and MED SPA services @pawnta lip injection and gift certificates for $400 and $100 gift certificates MOTYKIEMEDSPA.COM for guest in the big blue gift bag.

Guest were smiling and laughing the night away and Oscar® 2019 The Beverly Hilton Hotel – Great event! Thanks to Charmaine!