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ROKiT Launches 3D Cellphones People First Company

ROKit 3D smartphones

Jonathan Kendrick & John Paul DeJoria launch new ROKiT 3D smartphones



By Cheri Fox

Photos: ROKiT


Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 3/27/2019 – On the first day of Spring March 20th, 2019 at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles the launch of ROKiT 3D smartphones took place. ROKiT is the first 3D cell phone that is 3D glasses-free.  The smartphones line launched online across the nation in and

John Paul DeJoria (founder of Paul Mitchell & Patron) and Jonathan Kendrick (British Entrepreneur & Founder of ROK )

ROKiT is a People First Company founded by John Paul DeJoria (fouded of Paul Mitchell & Patron) and Jonathan Kendrick (British Entrepreneur & Founder of ROK ). The launch incorporates their 13 years of research and development and they are now offering World Class Mobile Devices with 3D technology including bundles of vital life services including ROK Life with service that include: Telemedicine, discounted up to 75% pharmacy savings, and various insurance plans. Included are unlimited outbound domestic and international calling, all the models are unlocked and have dual sim cards slots at very affordable prices. Their goal is to help humanity and to connect people at affordable prices.

John Paul DeJoria (founder of Paul Mitchell & Patron) and Jonathan Kendrick (British Entrepreneur & Founder of ROK )

The impressive launch began in downtown LA at a private venue on Main Street coincidentally named the Downtown Independent, with hundreds of executives, VIP’s, lifestyle and tech journalists, local and international from the UK. The launch began with the teams famous Formula One Race Car with its shiny blue coat with the red ROKiT insignia and yellow Pirelli tires parked right in front of the Downtown Independent. After several photos a scrumptious breakfast hour of acai bowls and muffins, a meet and greets with ROKiT executives and production teams from ROK over delicious coffees and teas took place. Then guests were led into the private viewing room where the launch presentation began.

John Paul DeJoria Explains the ROKiT IO Pro 3D

John Paul DeJoria, the famous billionaire businessman philanthropist, began the presentation stating the company was connecting the World through international WiFi and the new smartphone 3D technology is all new and innovative and the show will speak for itself. He explained that the new technology is nothing like the past that required the use with 3D glasses. There was a movie presentation that was shown with the old 3D glasses on the big screen and then the new ROKiT 3D smartphones were distributed to all the guests in the theatre to immediately view the same 3D presentation without the need for 3D glasses on the brand new 3D ROKiT IO PRO 3D Smartphones.


Patented 3D technology the ROKiT IO PRO 3D and ROKiT IO 3D play stereoscopic side by side videos allowing content to jump out of the screen for immersive enjoyment.

Guests and Media were all in awe and impressed with the ROKiT 3D Smartphone presentation. During the 3D ROKiT smartphone viewing the rose petals in the content viewing just trickled off the screen right at you, and the sports figures throwing the ball right at you, everyone present viewing was wowed by the new views of the 3D technology right from the ROKiT smartphone.


Select media had the opportunity to privately interview with both founders; John Paul DeJoria said they were developing the project for nearly 13 years to get the 3D technology just right. It took many years of development to get it to this point and over one hundred million dollars. The new technology is a combination of both 3D and 2D technology in the viewing process to enable viewers to see the depth and ratio accurately.

ROKiT – John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria also explained the new 3D technology is great for viewing sports and viewers are able to see the ball more accurately in 3D than in 2 dimensions. He also mentioned the quality of cell phone screens are excellent and individually hand tested in China to assure the best quality.


Jonathan Kendrick, successful Englishman entrepreneur and founder of ROK, spoke about how he and John Paul DeJoria had been developing several businesses over the years and that this project launch of ROKiT is just the beginning of a large and evolving 3D studio ROK and streaming platform. Jonathan Kendrick also stated they are producing their own live-action content in 3D exclusively on their ROKFLiX 3D app in their Los Angeles Studio. They are also continuing to acquire the world’s best 3D major studio blockbuster films. Also part of ROK Studios is the France Location with their special and famous production team in France which were referred to as their “French brothers” Francois Mantello and Jean-Jacques Mantello brothers who have grossed over 80 million dollars at the box office in 3D features are exclusively partnered with the ROKiT’s brand France team to produce 3D animation projects; incorporating new innovative technology that has much quicker production completion times at a third of the time of US productions.

ROKiT3D smartphone

The exclusive event concluded with a special media gift bag with the new 3D ROKiT top of the line smartphone ROKiT IO 3D and samples from their new sister company Bogart spirits line of Vodka, Gin, Irish Whiskey and Rum. Then an exclusive cocktail and dinner party at the old school new trendy downtown restaurant Perch. The rooftop penthouse cocktail patio bar perched under the downtown skylines with evening moonlight and stars. It was quite impressive and the dinner was delectable, featuring baked brie appetizer fennel apple pecan slaw, pan roasted salmon smoked eggplant puree and chocolate ganache and strawberry dessert.

John Paul DeJoria spoke extensively about the years of research and development to get to this launch, he thanked all the guests, media and executives for all their work and joked about never sending an email in his life and then happily announced that several thousands of impressions had already started online with the successful ROKiT launch. More info at