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Review of Together PANGEA Live in DTLA


By: Dave Afshar

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 06/09/2022 – Local hellraisers Together PANGEA brought their usual Sick Shit to adoring fans at the Regent Theater in downtown LA last Friday. The band proved to be in good company with opening acts Skating Polly, who channeled some old school riot grrrl vibes, and Tropa Magica, a psychedelic cumbia punk band who damn near stole the show.

Together Pangea

For the main event, the band delivered all the dirt and grime their fans love them for; by the end of the first song, the crowd surfers and pit-stirrers were already making an appearance, with the band feeding off the crowd’s energy and the crowd returning it in kind. Like old school mosh pits in the days of yore, theirs is one to be entered at your own risk.


Tropa Magica

With five albums and over ten years of rock and roll living, the SoCal natives had plenty of material to pull from, satisfying the crowd with newer songs and old favorites like Badillac and Sick Shit, playing through the encore without even the slightest dip in energy. A lot of bands start phoning it in around the ten-year mark; Together PANGEA is not one of those bands. Check them out here.



Skating Polly