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Resources pulled from homeless amid Covid-19 Pandemic


#AgapeDeed Launches on MARCH 30th 2020

Los Angeles, 27th March 2020 Amidst the self-preservation mode  everyone seems to be in due to the covid-19 pandemic a group of
Los Angeles based companies band together to help aid the local homeless population. Beauty brand Lyda Beauty, UrbanX ID and others have come together to partner up with United Way and the Los Angeles Mission to initiate challenge-campaign #AgapeDeed across all media platforms. The aim is to direct attention to the less fortunate through selfless acts of kindness and donations.
“ If we’re worried can you imagine those without homes!?! Let’s do something about it! ”

Followers are encouraged to tag other companies with  #AgapeDeed and challenge them to donate hygiene items and food supplies directly to the afore-mentioned organizations. Together they help a combined 41k homeless individuals regularly. Donations will be distributed in one of the Nation’s most
densely populated homeless communities, Los Angeles. The goal is to make up for lost help during the covid-19 pandemic and thus prevent the spread of the “Corona virus”.

Due to the mandated quarantine, all the volunteers LA Mission were receiving from several agencies have completely seized. The food and hygiene supply stopped about two weeks ago and is nearly depleted. The warehouse storage area has been exhausted down to the bone. LA Mission Staff is hopeful that the community they’ve served since 1937, will pull together to help see them through the Corona-virus crisis.

The CEO of Lyda Beauty, Lyda Djarar Fischer, has committed to take a portion of all online sales (www.lydabeauty.com) and donate them to both organizations, until the quarantine is lifted and encourages others to do the same.

Lyda Beauty (@lydabeauty), UrbanX ID (Mary Kilwien) Suavelle (@suavelleoriginal), Tress (@tress.forus) and Table for One with Leia Sergakis (@leiasergakis), have come together to create hygiene kits that will be delivered to two of the largest US non-profit organizations committed to helping the homeless. Both, United Way (@unitedway) and the Los Angeles Mission (@thelamission), provide services to anyone in need of long-term help and unless we all pull together to join their cause in the coming weeks, the homeless will suffer furthermore.

Donations can be done online: www.losangelesmission.org, www.pandemicrelief.unitedwayla.org