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How does a Real Estate Entrepreneur successfully juggle work, family and stage-four cancer? 

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/20/2020 –  Aaron Marshall used to spend 80 percent of his time thinking about his real estate business. Over the past 19 years, Aaron Marshall has bought and sold over 1,500 properties, including “fix and flips,” bank foreclosures, notes, the county courthouse steps, and long-term buy and hold investment properties. But when the co-founder and CEO of Keyrenter Franchise learned that he had cancer in his appendix, colon, and liver, his priorities shifted dramatically. The real estate entrepreneur had just finished writing his first book, Cash Flow is King: Creating Wealth through Real Estate when he was diagnosed. “Even more so now, I encourage people to find their passion and follow it,” Aaron says. “Life is precious, and I hope this book has given you the tools and inspiration to begin building your own cash flow business so you can focus on what matters most: living.”- Aaron Marshall


You are a successful Real estate entrepreneur. Share your story.

I have always had a passion for real estate. Early on in my career I focused my attention on the foreclosure market and loved working with banks rehabbing the properties and selling them. After 10+ years I had sold over 1500 homes, I had my own radio, and was considered by many “successful.” I was my own boss but not really. I was constantly at the beck and call of the banks and my customers. I wanted my life back. I felt like a yo-yo, constantly being tossed between the banks and my customers and left little time for my family. This experience left me wanting more. I wanted to own my business and truly be my own boss. Because of this desire, I sold my real estate practice and started franchising my property management business that had been running for 5 years on the side. Property management is still in the real estate business, which I love and enjoy, but it has allowed me to grow a business on my terms. I love helping my franchisees build their own businesses and I enjoy watching them succeed.


How does a business leader successfully juggle work, family, and stage-four cancer? 

Before my cancer diagnosis, I was driven to succeed in my business. I worked long hours (60-90 hours/week). After a diagnosis of cancer, it changes your entire thinking. It helps put things in perspective and things that once were a priority, are no longer so. I knew I needed to focus on healing my body, but I also needed something to get me out of bed. I re-prioritized my days and delegated many tasks to my capable team. I still have the drive to see my business succeed, but I also have prioritized my health and my family above it all. I have empowered my team to succeed in their roles and I meet with them one-on-one each week to ensure they are confident in what they are doing. The company has a vision and each team member is part of that.

You just finished your first book, Cash Flow is King: Creating Wealth through Real Estate, when you were diagnosed. How are you living life with intention? Tell us about your book.

When you are diagnosed with a disease of any kind, let alone cancer, You begin to look at life differently. Priorities shift, things you thought were important suddenly become unimportant, and things you push to the side for another day, become forefront in your mind. God, Health, Family, and the success of my employees and franchisees are my priorities. I have spent a lot more time focusing on my health and my family this year. I have delegated tasks to my extremely capable team and in turn, they have been able to be there for the franchisees when I have been busy with treatments. Creating memories with my family has always been a priority with me, but I feel it even more important at this time. Make sure your loved ones know you love them, and the people around you feel valued. That’s my intention every day.


Writing this book has always been a dream of mine. Early on, I realized that it’s one thing to have money, but it’s an entirely different thing to have the recurring cash flow or mailbox money, a constant supply of money each month. I found that freedom through real estate and that became the basis of the book. “Cash Flow is King” is a blueprint for those looking to create not just cash, but monthly cash flow. It is a journey of AJ (my younger self) being mentored by Harold (my older self) on this journey of creating cash flow through real estate. By following key lessons at the end of each chapter, anyone is able to start their journey to Cash Flow with confidence.

Your dream is to mentor others with your book. Please share a few points. 


“Cash Flow is King” follows a simple step-by-step process of setting up a business, how to obtain money for the first venture, how to find deals and what to do with the property after purchase, and how to avoid any pitfalls with A, B, C strategies. I have a passion for helping other entrepreneurs reach their dream of creating their own business and this book helps guide them on their path. Along with the book, I have also created the “Cash Flow is King” podcast  where I interview other individuals that have achieved cash flow and how they did it. Not all have been through real estate, I like to share other people’s journey to open up ideas for those just starting down this road. I want to inspire confidence in my readers and listeners and open up avenues for out of the box thinking when it comes to cash flow.

What do you enjoy the most from the real estate business? 


The thing I love most about the real estate business is that there are so many different ways to be in real estate. Whether that be buying, selling, flipping, wholesaling, managing, mortgage, title, and legal. For those that love real estate as I do, there are so many ways to make a career in real estate. I went from being an active sales agent to the owner of Keyrenter which made the list of Inc 5000 top fastest-growing companies in the US in 2020. Being in the real estate industry, I am constantly on the hunt for real estate to add to my own portfolio or to pass on to investors. Real estate is a good business to be in. Buy right and it can weather the storms of inflation.

If you could tell your younger self advice. What would it be?

I would tell my younger self to get your real estate license sooner and start your career. Have confidence in the career path you’ve chosen. Buy more properties, the market will be great to do so and you will regret waiting. Take care of yourself, you only get this one body – treat it kindly. Travel when you can – don’t wait to make memories with your loved ones.  Available from,,,

Co-Founder & CEO of Keyrenter Franchise, a nationwide residential property management company, Aaron champions exceptional customer service, communication, and outstanding management of real estate assets. Ranked No. 1 property management company in their markets on Yelp and Google, Keyrenter Franchise also made Entrepreneur’s Annual Top 500 Franchise List and ranked 25 on the list of Top 100 New Companies, recognizing innovative services, marketing methods, and technologies. Aaron continues to buy and sell real estate for himself and is always on the lookout for single-family, multi-family, and commercial real estate deals.