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Raul Ruiz Wins Health Equity Award

Recognition scheduled at The Chase for fighting for health access

(Palm Springs, CA) April 1, 2022 — Congressman Raul Ruiz, M.D. (CA-36) will be presented with the inaugural DAP Health Equity Award at the 28th Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Gala on April 9 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.  The accolade honors Rep. Ruiz for his long commitment to health justice locally and nationally. The DAP Health Equity Award honors leaders who have reduced health disparities locally, especially improving access for people who traditionally are economically and socially disadvantaged.

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Leveraging his platforms as a physician and a U.S. Representative, he has called out health disparities, influenced broad support for change, and secured more funding for care and education. He stays engaged in each issue he supports in the Coachella Valley to make sure promises are kept and change happens.

“Dr. Ruiz understands that calling attention to specific barriers in healthcare is the first step in removing them,” said David Brinkman, DAP Health CEO. “DAP physicians offer the highest standard of health for more than 10,000 patients, helped by funding, public support, and the advocacy consistently provided by our friend.”

For years, Congressman Ruiz has been a strong health advocate for the people of Coachella Valley, and the impact of his work is sizeable. He has consistently voted to increase health center funding since coming to Congress. When COVID emerged, he fought for additional funding so that all health centers could stand up to the challenge. DAP Health has received over $8 million in federal grants, thanks to his advocacy.

Dr. Ruiz also works to ensure his advocacy in Washington is put to good use here in the Coachella Valley where he grew up.

  • Understanding the importance of educational opportunities, Dr. Ruiz has been a long-time advocate of the Teaching Health Center Program. He has led efforts to increase funding, which has happened twice under his leadership. The program also helps meet area staffing needs.
  • When COVID hit, underserved farmworker communities in our region immediately experienced disparities in vaccination rates. Dr. Ruiz increased local awareness by speaking out and helped secure thousands of tests and vaccines. He also led public health education events in the fields to meet people where they are.
  • Dr. Ruiz’s support was vital to the success of Get Tested Coachella Valley/Hazte la Prueba Valle de Coachella public health initiative. This groundbreaking 3-year, $5 million effort sought to dramatically reduce HIV through education and routine testing for more than 81,000 individuals and provided linkage to care for 88% of newly diagnosed HIV patients. The 2014-2016 project united more 150 community partners, making it the nation’s first community-based initiative of its kind. It was recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California State Office of AIDS, and at two White House conferences.

To learn more about Congressman Raul Ruiz, visit https://ruiz.house.gov/

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